Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Everyone is a judge outside the court

Hey highheels among sneakers blog. When I really put a thought into it, what the hell am I thinking when I decided to choose that name for my blog? Haa Ha I know right. Maybe because I am the only girl in the family so it's kind a related..Idk. Blogger suggest me to make entry in Malay but does Blogger know the reason why I'm blogging? NO! It is because I am enhancing my writing skills with a quite low or below average grammar competency I suppose. I know the only loyal reader to this blog is my parents, so that they can correct my grammar later on which is quite refreshing πŸ˜€


  • Highheels or high heels? Is it correct to put 's' at the end of it?
  • The owner of this blog must be girly girl and clearly loves pink so much. How old is she? 9?
  • Pattern on the background shows she's trying too hard to appear maturity in a girly way I reckon?
  • Future lecturer/teacher to be huh? How come she really certain about not hating the career path for next... 4 years?
  • This fancy font kind a hard to read
  • She got a youtube channel too? I bet it's lame *it is
  • Wow there's a quote at the end of the page. Where did she steal it? Is that her picture? I bet she took a lot of time editing it.*obviously
Currently I have no idea how to do stuff here except posting a new entry. 😢😢


  1. Facebook
- ads.....ads....ads.......ads.......
-shopping medium
-live make up tutorial
-' This is a perfect medium to express my anger'. WRONG!
- somebody is getting married/having a baby/available/having his/her birthday
- viral videos
-create awareness
- 'I must post my current situation, all of my friends is dying to know my condition right now'. NOPE
- sihir/santau guna nama penuh (straight away changing my facebook name)
-updated information/news
- facebook live ( forcing scroller to watch my current activities )

      2. Twitter

-parents free site to curse. Yeay!
-sarcasm *kalau terasa nasib la
-freedom of ranting
-medium for unspeakable stuff
- update current emotional/interest of your friends

     3. Instagram

- another shopping medium
- OutfitOfTheDay / MakeupOfTheDay/FOODSTAGRAM etc
-income medium for thousand followers account
-your worth is scale by followers and likes
-updated your activities
-birthday shoutout/wishes
- my life is awesome according to my photos
-instagram live ( not forcing anybody to watch what am I doing but if you want to...)

Agree or disagree this is just an opinion and listing this does not make me not doing any of it.
There's so many social media sites out there but this is top 3 sites/apps that most of us have. Whatever you post or do using these medium is totally up to you because it is your rights. Somebody could just hide your post  or unfollow your account if they don't like it. Note to yourself, whatever people post on these sites is what they choose to show to the others . But I think Facebook live can get pretty annoying when it comes to the point where people keep on sharing it so it suddenly came out on your feeds. I think there's a way to stop that but I'm not sure how. By posting anything through social media you are actually welcoming people to judge you/your life so you should be aware of the risk that people might be taking it wrongly or differently than what you have expected. Just like what I'm doing here posting this and share it through my social media accounts. Happy judging

Boringnye takde gambar.

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