Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tata Ganu

Alhamdulillah tamat sudah Dip in Tesl di bumi Terengganu but not just yet official coz x pakai robe and naik pentas lagi. I like to share in this post a few stuff I've done and happened to me before I left campus in the most simple word * coz malas beb nak cite panjang lebar

Fun Fun !! MyEm0.Com

  • Snap snap at Seberang Takir with Bell & Bella.
    Sanggup panjat tembok and drive through narrow driveway

    Pink buds dah kurang kalau tak lagi cantik, cuaca panas sangat  yang buat grass turn yellowish
  • Karok kat semua tempat Karaoke yang kami penah nampak EPAL & VOICE je yang unsual place *pergi dgn kwn gegirl je gambar pon x brape nak ade

  • Cover lagu Usah lepaskan by Taufiq Batisah while poyo main gitar
Meet poyo: Suara beliau lagi sedap sebenarnye

Not so fun...  MyEm0.Com

  • Goodbyes...sambil drive ke Terminal bas tak dapat ku menahan air mata ni dari more spontaneous experience with my dear roomate..You're not just my room mate Bella you also my hero through out my diploma. Every single time I was at a rock bottom you are there reach out your hand  grabbed me up and stopped me from falling down. Dear other friends Yana Fey Kunim Bell, our differences in background and personalities just makes the adventure so much thrill. All of other Teslian thank you so much for the memories (dah macam lagu fall out boy pule).

  •  I lost my purse.. time tengah mengalirkan air mata sambil drive we stopped by to feed FR (fill in fuel) the half- awake me put my purse on the car truck *brilliant aye Tanpa sedar I just drove away and ntah ke mana purse hitam ku tercampak. On our way back to campus we tried to track down the missing purse but what do you expect it was dark and the purse is black in colour. Before Fey left us she reminds me all the detail what should I do next day go to JPJ, closed my back account etc. mucho gracias Fey and Bella she is gifted to track missing stuff somehow so she told me someone have already took that missing purse. Yana treat me burger that night kurang kerisauan I perut berisi lulz. I said to myself redha Tyra this is like a reminder from HIM to think about HIM more since these days you are too busy doing other stuff. Alhamdulillah Allah Maha Kaya & Penyayang I received a call next day tell me that somebody have returned my purse and I can come to the office to claim it. Sujud syukur teros. I try to stay positive all the way through the end and its' pays.
It's not the money I concerned about but the ID, Bank card, licence and stuff (nasib baik ada kad metric Ida)
  • No more the best kopok lekor...goreng pisang and pau..milkshake NR Cafe....omnomnom 
Even jauh dari kampus sanggup ku drive and tunggu untuk mu keropok lekor paling best

Goreng pisang & pau

Milkshake NR Cafe
Steamboat @ Pulau Duyung

I am sure I will miss all of above matters but I sure a bigger adventure awaits me. I am psych :D

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