Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Braces off

After 2 vlogs + uncounted ulcers and fevers now I am officially free from braces but not just yet free from retainer.
It's quite a long journey but I enjoy it. Owh braces u've been in my mouth for almost 4 years, at last we finally have a peaceful break. * I weep a lil bit tho :p
I am free from braces but not retainer. I have to wear retainer for 6 month and only can rake it off when I need to brush my teeth + eat and extreme sports..pssssttt~ tell no one I'll take it off when i have to teach 
I am advised to wear it all the time except those times, so that from time to time I will get use to it. Now I am having difficulty in pronouncing words correctly  coz I got this fake hard palate (bhs tamilnye lelangit palsu).
I was not feeling excited at all coz I feel  very reluctant to get rid of those metal. I went to the clinic with my mum she waited in the car coz it was hard to get a parking lot. It's a 2 days appointment. On the 1st day they remove and clean up my teeth properly. Then, they ask me to bite a blue clay like thing to get the proper fitting for my retainer which I will get it on the next day. So, it was one day without braces and retainer. When I get into the car my mum ask me to show my teeth but I cover my mouth with my palm. I smiled at her after she insist to see my new braces free look. She shed into tears straight away, she said I look exactly like when I was small. :D
I wanna share some photos that might be interesting a long this braces experience.
this is the retainer (it have upper & lower side)

zaman cekodok

glorious time with braces

without & with retainer

my teeth model before the treatment

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