Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Holiday ~

Hari Khamis ni cukup seminggu Mama & Babah di tanah suci. Rase macam kosong je rumah ni. Dapat tau Along & Ajin nak balik, terisi sikit. Tapi takpe, it's the time for me to learn how to manage things at home as well as taking care of Rhymes a.k.a Raimi. It's a bless in disguise, my semester break duration fit in my parents pilgrimage. I become a totally different person. I try to make sure the house look exactly like how it looks like during Mama was around. I try to think and act like her in taking care of things in the house except in cooking. Why? So far I did not cook any complete meal yet. It is not because I is malas ok. Raimi sorang je makan jadi kenape nak masak susah2 & dia asyik mintak makanan yang dah sedia ada je. Ye la esok masak Nasi Goreng, happy?? !!
Di Setapak yg Indah before hantar MamaBabah

Rhymes call me Angah (duhh~) , normally Rhymes who normally love to tease me and makes me yell at him turn out to be very polite + well behave. He keep himself busy in front of the computer all the time. Kalaau tak pun die main bola je petang2. He's growing up. Wan kat kg, Cu & Mak Ngah gradually call to make sure we are fine staying together just the two of us and to make sure I am emotionally fine as well. Kak Ida pon ada call tanye khabar sebab die duduk kat Sungai Soi je, senang la if ape2 die boleh jenguk. Tak lupa juga my beloved uncle yang baru dapat baby boy tu. Thank you semua. (amek kau Manglish I).
Parents in Ihram

Mama & Babah ada beli number so that we can contact them from here which gonna be cheaper la. It happens that my phone cant make the call. Only mine. Orang lain call have no problem at all.  Waaa manyak sedey meh. I am the one who really need to hear from them more often than anyone else. My social life if only in this house. Cakap ngan Rhymes and the rabbits je. I only tell everything to Mama when she's not around who I's going to tell?? That's the only rungutan a.k.a aduan from me. There were once Babah call which means so much to me to hear their voice even only for 2 minutes and a half. I've got so much to share which most of them is not really important so I just speak excitedly and answers all MommyDaddy's question. As long as they were fine its enough for me. I wonder la bile I will act like adult yang sometimes keep things in them je, x semua mende cite kat mak bapak.
Family Engah, Aki , Ecu & Hilmi yang turut hantar BabahMama

This whole thing remind me of 9  year old me back then. Time tu MamaBabah 1st Haj. I was in miserable place as well as Ajin. He was 7 that time. Rhymes cried for few days because he is still breastfeed but then he get use to milk from bottle and he well behave. Along was 11 who live in his own world. He enjoys school and sports. Time tu kami semua skola kejap kat Al- Amin Gombak instead of going to school with Kak Ngah and Aim (cousins). Babah kalau boleh xnak ktorang ketinggalan subjek2 Agama that time. Me and Ajin got huge problem in managing our tears at school. I hardly recall when is the time I am laughing that time. Ade2 time Eda(uncle) balik happy sebab Eda kan abang Babah so rindu pun macam kurang la bila Eda balik which is jarang coz he is a busy man.Lagi satu bile Kak Ngah balik bawak sticker, waaa happy siot. Mokde banyak berkorban untuk kitorang, sampai penah datang sekolah sebab pejabat call. Sorry Mokde(aunt) for making fuss during those days. During weekend Mokde tanye nak ke mane? Rumah Cu? Kampung? Rumah Engah? I still remember Babah's face entering the school bus to pick us up because they have already return home. Oh lupe, Along sekolah sesi pagi jadi susah nak jumpa, two of us yang emotionally unstable sokmo ni sekolah petang. Haha time flies~

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