Saturday, June 23, 2012

Practicum vol 1

Our first week of practicum has already over. How ironic within a week we feel we are belonging to the school. I’ve been to the school gate before with Mama & Babah just to know how far the school from the uni.  Kononnye leh la jalan kaki ke if I can find a house to rent since I don’t got a hostel. First week of sem 5, was a time where I don’t stick in one place. Squating umah sewa kakak and meet new friend Ratu, plus kene saman kat Kg. Cina ( 1st ‘awesome’ experience). For a time being I am staying at Bella & Ida’s room (tq you guys coz sudi share)

Le Us & SK Kompleks Gong Badak TRIVIA
  • ·         Mula2 kami ditempatkan di Bilik Guru then di bilik Kaunselling coz guru2 kaunseling dah pencen. (mengimarahkan katanye)
  • ·         Guru pembimbing ku is de sweet and adorable Teacher Azlia.
  • ·         I’ll be teaching Year 1 & 5 English and minor year 3 Music (x penah blaja music selama 20 tahun hidup then nak kena ajar music pulak kan *challenge accepted)
  • ·         Enjoy me’relief’ kelas during first week coz boley test how far is our ability in managing the classroom.
  • ·         Assembly agak lama ye but it’s amuse me to see how students started to feel anxious and do silly things to reflect how bored they are.
  • ·         We have to overnight at the school during our 1st week for Kem Ibadah which involved year 6 students.
  • ·         Ida is the most favourite teacher and the whole world new why but she kind a sick of the reason. (exaggerate statement)
  • ·         Teachers there is very kind especially the senior assistant  who answering all of our question that have been ask since day one ( we ask questions every single day during the 1st week)
  • ·         Actually we’re not supposed to be teaching year 1 and 2 coz they are practicing KSSR which is something that quite new but we will try our best. GANBATTE!!

  The school is just nice, meaning I 'll never get lost to find places :)

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