Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Mother's & Teacher's Day

I know this post should be done a long time ago tp nak wat camne sgt busy ye even bukan kite yang masuk U :p
Di kesempitan ini (kesempatan), I wish Happy Mother's Day to my biological mother MAMA. This year xwat video mother's day sbb....sbb...xde alasan yang kukuh nak bg.
My wishes for Mama Rokie:

  • Thank you for always be there for me.
  • Never stop cheering me up
  • Cooked delicious food for me
  • Sings in front of webcam with me :) (oopssy that supposed to be our little secret)
  • Always be patient with my annoying act
  • Give pocket money anytime I ask for it
  • Happy Teacher's Day to you too (when will we open those pile of presents?)
this time when I say "Mum my skin is getting darker", then you said "I like your skin complexion" 0.o

 *i know you dont like your middle name I purposely mention it lol

  • Happy Mother's Day MOM *if I am with you now I demand for beef patty barbie hee~ (barbie stands for barbecue not barbie doll)
  • Happy Teacher's Day to you too * I just notice both of my mum are teachers :) no wonder I want to be a teacher
  • Thank you for treating me just like your daughter despite of our various background difference *I MISS YOU
  • Wish to meet you again
  • Teach me how to play piano but I never gets it

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