Monday, April 2, 2012

Good news coming....الحمد لله

After one, another good new coming to my family. ALHAMDULILLAH~
SPM result just came out. Not really just,its already quite a while ago. Ajin made it with flying colours which actually he has change our family history. He is the first one who got straight A's in our siblings. I got the news during the camp (straight away burst into tears). Eventually I told Hajar about it, she spontaniously cried too. Thanks Hajar for the tears of happiness you shared. Now Ajin is busy applying for his scholarship to everywhere. How much him and I hoping for overseas, the other me pray for him not to leave this house and further his study here locally. I can't imagine myself coming home without him waiting. It's too sad to imagine. By the way my beloved brother I'm very proud of you. Witnessing you growing up and makes our family proud makes me overwhelm. You almost like a twins for me just lack 2 years after :p He's now just cut his hair off coz he nazar for it.
I wish I can go there once again

The second good news would be, after one and another proposing, My parents got an invitation letter that they've been waiting for. Second time for pilgrimage with my grandparents to Mecca. All of us proposing to go but then we didn't get any approval for that. My parents got accepted with the reason to accompany my grandparents to perform their second Haj too. I'm quite devistated because I dont get the chance to go there after the Umrah I've made when I was 5. (if it was counted) But I'm glad my parents got the chance to go there this time. I f i'm not mistaken they will go during end of this year pilgrimage season. I'm sure that time my practicum just ended. I hope it's a break time so that I can look after my brothers. Suddenly I have this flashback playing in my head. When I was in standard 3, my parents went to Haj for a first time. Four of us lived with our aunt in Setapak and 3 of us schooled at Al-Amin Gombak. It was a hard time for me and Ajin because we never stay far apart from my parents. I remember how pure my dad face when he want to fetch 
me on the bus immediately after he returned from the pilgrimage. Back then I'm such a cry baby (even now still).


Siti Nurhidayah said...

congrats kak! =D

tier@92 said...

welcome..Alhamdulillah...I wish i can go together with them ..