Thursday, April 26, 2012

Budak UniSZA usha2 UTP

Tatkala rase ponek(penat) menanda papers students, I take a break dengan menaip entry ini. There's four class left to be done, nasib baik MCQ je. *tolong mama tanda kertas dapat upah hee~

I just return from Bandar Seri Iskandar last night around 11.30 PM. Indeed it was a long journey. The agenda was....
PARTICIPANT: Ajin a.k.a Uda a.k.a Shim Pajin (my brother)
DEPART: 12 sumthin' 2 noon (24th April 2012)
ARRIVAL: 8 sumthin' PM

Firstly I wanna share how proud I am of my baby brother for his achievement. Before leaving our house Daddy ask weather it was okay to go there by his Merc which is not really spacious for 3 of us ( Along x dapat join coz ade test). Green light coz Along xde & MPV terlalu berat for long journey. WHICH bring me a flashback of our childhood moment......

When we were staying at JB, we only got a chance one in 2 month to visit our grandparents in Temerloh. The journey takes forever that time coz highway was not fully done yet. Mama was right 3 of us did grow up in the car. After a few round of drama between me and Along and a few cubitan maut dari Mama baru la sampai. Tapi best mengenangkan that time Babah bought us the same sunglasses (same design but different colours) * that time Raims didn't exist yet
Mama pulak jahit bantal curve untuk kitorg bertiga, redcheckers design with different skirting for each pillow. My parents really creative in giving stuff to cheer up their children.

Since we need a place to crash just for sleeping, Daddy decides that we sleep at homestay which we never ever done it before. The place was not bad but only one bedroom was air-conditioned, so all of us slept in one room (pdhal x berani nak tdo seperated coz WE dont really know the place). After solat, we had our dinner at Secret Recipe coz Raims kempunan nak mkn Cordin Bleu Chicken which not available in Kuantan  xtau kenape. Then we went to TESCO to buy some food utk Ajin coz tomorrow by 7.30 dah kene ada kat sana. I got new purse + bag + t-shirt + new pyjamas and some tudung too. It was a rough night for me to sleep which I can't come out with any reason. The person who should be anxious is Ajin, die yang nak interview.
gune je la beg ni for practicum
sukenye dpt purse JC :)

Next morning, I am amazed by a construction of UTP. We have to listen to a briefing before the interview start. I can see all the excellent students there who got straight A's and get offered to come. While the briefing is still on, I sneak out coz it's too cold in the hall and I have Mr. Qawiem waiting for me outside who sacrifice his study time for test at 3pm that day. He is our AFS friend (returnee from Turki). He studied business there. Yup he is the one who performed at KLCC and gave ice-cream for my birthday. That day dapat chocolate blackforest plak hihi :D
He show me around and met my parents. He is like YB or Dato' there, he know everyone in the campus. Then people start to give "smile" to us. Don't misunderstood people, even kakak at the convenience store in campus tease us. Then he said 'ni mak la..When his friend ask who am I he introduced me as his 'Mak or Mak cik'...Last time i was his Mak cik so as this time. Takot sangat market jatuh :P
Any way thanks for your time, my mum keep on praising you for being sweet and blah...blah...blah... Ralat x dpt bergambar ngan u this time.^^,

What I can say about that place is... IT WAS SO HOT...Seriously..Tabik kat Kak Belle, Buck and Qawiem yang boley stay kat sane. Ye la kawasan utara kan. Thank god I wear one layer cloth not a dress with cardigan and such. The interview finished at 3pm then we leave the place and stop by at UIA Gombak to see my beloved Along and have early dinner.  Lupe plak singgah kat Tapah beli fruits and I was lost there since I just woke up and looking for toilet which is so far from the place where Daddy drop us.HUa2

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