Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy

Birthday Mama mmg dah agak berkurun lamanye berlalu tp xde kesempatan nak menulis tentangnye coz sibuk prepare utk final.(sibuk ke?) Mama kate nak celebrate kat Kenny Rodgers je this time coz it's been awhile x mam kat sane. Kitorang celebrate awl sket coz kebetulan that time Along n I balik rumah.
Klaka kot time nak suggest kat Babah dinner @ Kenny coz all of us know yg Babah not a fan of grilled chicken but anything for the Queen. I'm the one who type the message using Along's phone, while Babah @ his working place which sounds like this " Babah malam ni dinner kat Kenny. ps: mesej ni bukan Angah yg type, Along x terlibat pon dlm hal ni (even we use his phone)Raimi & Ajin x tahu menahu psal hal ni, n this is not Mama's idea." :p Basicly all of us involved.
 Birthday Mama kali ni I gave her name phone keychain = 'KIEZ'.. which stands for Mama & Babah name combination.. Not juz that I also give her a makeover ^0^.. Mama memang dah cantik but then I put on her some make up and make her wear shawl like me. X berkelip mate Babah tgk Mama huhu, obviously she's look a lot more prettier than I am. Along n Ajin pulak decide to cook utk mama with my supervision la kan. Along masak lauk paprik Ajin plak baked spaghetti.