Monday, January 23, 2012


Tatkala Mahasiswa/siswi baru dapat baucar 1Malaysia, we were try to figure out how to make it big *baucher je pon. At 1st ingat nak spend those vouchers kat Mesra Mall but then we all decided to go to Kelantan for instead. Woohoo~ Padahal baru je g ngan Tiha ari tu, it’s not where you goes matter, it’s with whom you go with, am I right? This last minute plan won’t happen without these awesome people (BELLA, KUNIM,FEY &IDA). Why am I so excited about this? Sebab kan sy ni seorang yang sangat rigid and particular, when it comes to do something spontaneous….saya pon jakun la ( jakun tu ulu or rusa masuk kampong ^0^)
Kami sewa kete kancil manual je, driving alternately (BELLA N KUNIM the drivers) since I’m not competence enough to drive manual cars. Lol
Mula2 ingat nak balik hari je but then it turn out to be 2 days and 1 night trip, thankx to Mama Kunim sbb sudi bayarkan sewa kete. THANK YOU MAK CIK. The journey heading to KB was…tooo much pit stop but no one yell about it. Berhenti isi minyak sambil minum kopi, brunch
 ( breakfast+lunch), and another stesen minyak.
Sampai KB je straight away g umah Kunim tukar kete kancil ngan kelisa mama die. Sian mama die selaalu tinggal sorang since ayah die keje jauh.

Then we spend one whole day at KB Mall. X-tra time at Popular Bookstore. Geram tau, I’ve already grab few novels then suddenly I’ve been told that only ilmiah form of books are valid for the voucher. I spend RM 100 (voucher forms) most on A.V.A ‘s stuff a.k.a teaching aids(^^,). We split after we all done with books and stationaries. Ida and I lingered around ladies outlet to find her cardigan and bummed into Bella afterwards and heading to Secret Recipes (cheese cake craving).

Ala- ala KB Mall nak tutup kami pon pergi hunt for place to dipper(dinner + supper) *ske aty aku je wat clipping baru. Sementara cari tempat makan, jalan-jalan kat airport and UMK dengan perut yang lapar ( xlapar sgt coz dah belasah cheesecake earlier).Actually the reason why boleh sampai airport and UMK was  somebody is looking for a perfect place to take a pee.HAHA
 One of crazy thing we did was going to this fancy look Thai restaurant and ordered only drinks. Waiter kat ctu budak lepasan SPM redha je kene sakat. Perut kembung ngan various type of drinks yang dicampur- campurkan. * pening perut masing2. Last2 end up makan kat EDDLEE FRIED CHICKEN.

Afterwards, we all went to PCB or Pantai Cahaya Bulan to be precise. Monsoon season so the wave is quite high and strong wind. Then jalan2 kat sekitar Bandar KB before we go to the final place Wakaf Che Yeh which is situated a stone throw away from Kunim’s house. Tawaf beberape kali kat ctu, sgt2 x selesa coz guys there suke tease any girls yang lalu lalang kat ctu. Malam tu dengan serba kepenatan kami tgk Running Man sambil mkn kerang. What a good thing to eat before having a good night sleep.
The next day, we have to leave before 8 untuk kejar waktu sewa kete. Kunim beli Nasi Kak Wok * betol ke tu namenye early in the morning tatkala kami masih nyenyak. Reluctantly leaving Kunim’s house we heading back to KT. Kenape reluctant? Sbb kene back to reality weekend is over…. *sounds like school kids.

On the way balik, tibe2 jumpe rumah Makcik Ida yang mane rumah tu sgt besar ye. Kami pon singgah kejap makn cempedak goreng and tgk baby Ayra anak sedare sepupu Ida. Mak Sedare Ida      tu pon selalu tinggal sorg coz hubby die keje jauh. X sorang la coz she still got daughters around who still in school. Continue our journey and stop  at our 2nd pit stop Pantai Irama. Spend a few mb from my camera memory and sleep a few minutes after we left the beach. I had a lot of fun :D

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