Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Suddenly I was thinking about how much I need a car for next semester~ How much I need a car for next semester? How am I necessarily need to have a car? As far as I know, next semester will be a year where all of us have practicum. I am quite aware pros & cons about me having a car. ALL sorts of problem might occur despite of makes my life in campus easier. I heard from seniors, to have a car in semester 5 is a bless because there are a lot of advantages
peugeot 207..mampu dream je la kan..since I was in high school  I dream for this car

- No need to wake up early so that by 6.30 in the morning u are ready to leave for school.
-Plenty spaces to bring all the A.V.A
-Easy to go back to school for cocurriculum (if u dont have a car, u have to stay at school until 
eh comelnye awk di atas..lala~

-Easy to go to school (by anytime be4 the school starts)
-Can place my stuff in car (in case I left something, I can return to campus)
-Taught me to be responsible, wise in spending money (having car is a huge responsible)
- Collect knowledge relates to car thingy

#the cons
- I'll be in a hard situation where I have a lot of friend, choosing who I should bring with.  Defending facts: for practicum we will be seperated, 3 person each school *wink2
-Borrowing/renting???? Huge NO * hard to refuse if someone ask but this is the time I have to hold on with my principle
-Finding x-tra money to support living+car

I wrote all this thing on my own but still the reason to have it is not strong enough.

#My inisiative
- Pray more in order to soften my dad's heart to by me satrio neo...oooppss..I mean car..any kind doesn't matter
-Pray more so that Allah S.W.T will give rezeki 
-My pointer is 3.0 above for these 3 semester *wink2 even it is decreasing each semester)

ps:those small fonts is purposely used

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cik low profile said...

wah sewonoknye ade kreta sndiri i waz thinkin bout da same thin too