Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nible & Nickel

They are  new members of our family. 2 adorable kelinci (rabbits)..My mum got them for free from her student (untung jd teacher kesayangan ni). Since Raims wishing to have his own pet since forever, so my mum gave it to Raims. He now a 'father' of 2 rabbits. At 1st we cannot detect the gender of Nickel n Nible (if u what i'm sayin') because they still babies. Before that, why Nickel & Nible. Why that name? Both have black and white flawless fur (sesuai ke gne flawless?) These are few details bout them.

They are like babies in the house. My mum will tease them like they will giggle back to her. Even my dad loves them. You know after facing a rough day, return home n play with them, can surely get rid of your stress.
NICKEL (black fur at the back of her ear)

NIBBLE (white fur at the back of his ear)

Those 2 photos above during when they were babies. I can hold them with only one hand each. Now, it's too heavy..

Now they already can be consider as grown ups rabbits. There were one day where I was not feeling well n sleeps everytime after I taking my meds. My 2 brothers wakes me up just to ask me to witness them ‘doing it’...Selekeh tau...
After I’ve been told about that, I ignore them for few days. WHY??!! Yela..I think it is too soon for them..They were babies n innocent..I can’t deal with the fact that they already...eerrrgghh...korg dah x innocent tau..I don’t care u guyz will having adorable babies soon. In recent day, nickel already started to take nibbles’ fur for the new born babies soon... Haha...sian nibble dah gugur fur die. Mama once said, 'Are we having rabbit as a pet or pig?' coz they eat like a pig...never stop eating..lol

Tgk dah gemok..mkn kangkung n kobis byk sgt



comey.... :)

miss alieya said...

wah!!!! comelnyer nickle n nibble~ bila la ya nk ke kuantan n jumpa si comel gojes ni.. huhu~

tier@92 said...

NIBLE dah ilang~ sedey sgt2