Monday, October 17, 2011

Put myself back together

I dunno whether it is a coincident or what, I think it is some kind a reward from Allah if I am sabar to go through hardship la kot.. I am so thankful everytime after I went through situation related to get over a boy, there will be an oppurtunity for me to go abroad for vacation tau (Alhamdulillah)...Last time after the situation with ikan belacak when I was 17, I got a chance to join exchange programme.

 This time after struggling with myself to get over siput babi I got to clear up my mind by going to Medan. Thanks to Pak Long once again coz never stop from asking us to join in any trip. *wink2
Even Medan x abroad sgt, still need a passport to go there ryte? Vacation with my family what a blast~ I was thinking to share a video at youtube account after I've been there.. Ye la dah berkurun x post video pape..
 Hope that I'll be having a great time till I 100% over my problems la kan..My mum praise me for how strong I've already been everytime I facing problems relate to boys. Trust me it is not easy to be on my own. For GIRLS OUT THERE who facing difficulties or some kind a conflict relate to boys u need good music n positive person around you. Don't think u are some kind a pathetic because being unlucky in relationship term (memang rase cam tu pon)  If u can avoid, dont be around people who are in love..huhu kind reminder..coz u all will feel like you wanna smashing your head to the wall thinking y u are so unlucky. Trust Sorry juz being exaggerating. HEE~


miss alieya said...

hve fun sis....
really miss u!!
n lia rasa, lia bakal jadi one of daripada tuh juga...
(agak2 faham x maksud lia???)
huhu~ rindu kamu sangat2 sampai saya rasa nk nangis sekarang! <3

Anonymous said...

true tyra! nk agree, sbb mira pun slalu fail bile ngn laki..byk kali putus,...xsemetinye laki tu plengkap idup kite n xsmestinye term IN RELATIONSHIP tu untk ngan bf jer,kdg2 dlm idup kite xsedar,kwn2,family,n even lagu pun lar byk bg smgt kat kite utk lebih positive..:)
best la tyra dpt jln2....nnti ley kirim baju! hehe