Saturday, June 25, 2011

still long way to go...

This sem I dah senior la u..( best ke??) Perhaps not really... For this initial..(huh??!!) I mean beginning..duhh~ of this semester..I am so much love to be in my silent..not that silent la..but less talk more reading and plug in my ears (since lecture x start lg kan)...

It's feeling AWESOME  to live in your own world while others chit chat n making stupid jokes in class.(yela bile lagi nak wat bising n bersuka ria kan) but I don't know what happen to me..out of sudden I started to like reading..(did I just type it?? 'READ"?) YEAH ME READING~  I know unbelievable kot...I hate reading...but since I'm not interested in talking too much nonsense anymore, only reading and plug in my ear will keep me silence..(I LOVE THE NEW ME)... Yup coz if I'm too energetic and talking too much kene label plak ( tyra suke attract attention, bajet howt dowh) * no 1 cares laa weyh

 I love my new roomate. Alhamdulillah..Praise to Allah for give her as my roomies.. She such a sweet person..we get along well (or is it too soon to say so?) It's fine its a doa from me..Hoping we'll be fine living together for 2 semester.. we're in same course but she is in the other group..having her as my roomies makes me feel more belong to 'GADIS CIPTAAN' with my 2 majesty who just be my sisters..huhu..

I admit that now me myself are becoming quite dull and boring person. I realise it but I think that is the best fact to know now. If we are less appealing, people will not notice us so much. Meaning u wont be a hot topic to be talk about behind your back * i hope . weyh ignore je la..Till when we should lives based on people judgement. Lala~

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