Sunday, June 19, 2011


nak hanky baru~
I severe HYPERHIDROSIS... ape benda tu teacher?? sweaty palms, is the most common form of hyperhidrosis, which causing excessive sweating of the hands. Mcm tgn berpeluh dlm air conditioned room enviroment most of the time.iN MY case, palms and foot are part where always sweating. Since I was 15 (kalau x silap la) maybe bcoz dah start serious in studies kot time tu (serious ke??)

this is how my hands look like if it start sweating

Tp jgn risau~ this disease may not end up with death (kowt)... It's quite disturbing, lagi2 klu time nak tulis essays,typing..but time to time I get use to it...Therefore since 4ever I always bring a long my hanky (face towel)..n dah berape banyak helai tercicir merata-rata.. That's my problem slalu x prasan kat mane letak hanky...Most of them Marie nyer hanky la kan..hehe

ade sape2 sudi hadiahkan x??

Jd sape2 yang rase nak bagi hadiah kat tyra ley la bg handkerchief pasni (wink2) =p

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