Sunday, May 1, 2011

vlogs a.k.a videologgings

I've been thinking to give a shot in vloggings...but still thinking about my own identity and not get influences by famous vloggers... MARIA ELENA  has her own style.. hilarious yet got a lot of message in it, her topics more to courtesy that we must to instill in ourself as a Malaysian, human being. Her way to deliver her points is really creative and not bragging at all. She wants to tell that we have to do 'this' in stead of 'that' in a hikmah way where all viewer can accept it.
ANWAR HADI and MATLUTFI are other two famous vloggers..all youtubers know them...funny and educational..My personal opinion should be "sejuk perut mak diorang dapaat anak laki camni".. I admired them as a youth who is still studying..They both studying abroad y'll..i dont said studying locally is not good it just, if you being abroad you have extra things that u wont get locally..All of this 3 vloggers are educated and deserve to be as 'MODAL INSAN' for teenagers nowadays.
Integrity is one thing that all the 3 vloggers talk about. The awareness towards not throwing rubbish other than into the rubbish bins, being considerate and respect peoples opinion..Although we might see it as things that everyone knows and no need to be mention..but trust me people nowadays tend to ignore all this tinie tiny little things.(ok i'm a lil bit out of topic)
In addition, SHANE DaWSON in another famous vloggers. But his channel is more to entertainment, i'm not sure its educational or not..hmm..if it is entertaining...since being in uni makes me spend a lot of time in front of laptops than watching television, YOUTUBE is a medium for me to know about what happen today and get some entertainment. Thanks YOUTUBE...
Actually there is a lot of other vloggers but I'm not really follow them.. Having a Youtube channel and have non good videos in it make me think to post something that interesting and  a good material to be watched. These days I kind a collect some of material and think about involving in vloggings world..but I'm still consider about it because there are a lot of things to think about..because people will judging you after you post a video in youtube..arrrgghhh..That's scares me..I f I have no guts and being too conscious bout be safe..dont do it...I am in the middle of conflict with myself ryte now..I f I wanna make a must be good and not bored..That is the most important thing...
Just wait and see the progression..shall we??

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