Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The huge problem among problems

Problems make us feel anxious and concern in how and what should we handle it. For me the BIGGEST and MOST DIFFICULT situation to handle is...PACKING MY LUGGAGE..

yes it is soo difficult sometimes I need someone else to check my stuff and tell me that I dont need certain stuff that I already packed. How can I handle this problem??? Like my friend said this is a syndrome that called 'RASA SEMUA PENTING'. Even my mum said to me that I 'll with face problem when I have my own family with kids. Aiyaaa... Kids stuff plus my stuff  would take a lorry to bring it together with us if I dont make any effort to solve this conflict.
Is there any therapy involving this kind of problem?? Coz I might need it.
there were toiletries bag + makeup bag in it

There's one time I packed a pile or bunch of clothes for 2 days and 1 night like the duration of the stays is one week..Its not my fault coz I need options..in case if somebody throw up on my shirt of spill something on my pants, I need extra clothes right?? (ridiculous reasons) Since this problem occur I stop folding my clothes for packing my bag. What?? I'm not that lazy k, just stuffed the clothes?? no no.. I rolled all of it, save space so that I can put more item in it. I'm suck am i??

Still struggling to be so much wiser in packing my belongings k from time to time I'll try to bring a long things that I only need not I thought I need..Okie..
Girls..anyone shares same problem with me???raise ur hand

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