Friday, May 20, 2011

angER !!!!!

ARRRRGGHHHH!!!! Anger is definitely not my bestfriend FYI... I dont even know how to express it, if I could not take it anymore I just burst into tears which not enough. That's why I'm so sure I will die earlier than I thought.=(
but in certain stages I just cant help it. I hate it when people treat me like I wont get mad or being labelled as a timid person and wont be furious. I try to help anyone around me when they were in need. Coz one day I might got into trouble and need their help. We dont know, today is their day and other day might be mine. Let me clear this up, what I try to say sometimes people misunderstood with our kindness and started getting use to use us in anything.

Somehow it seems does not fair when we are in need for help and those people are ignoring you. When the time comes, we start to feel that we are in this world alone. At the beginning it is very sad to realize the fact that no one cares, at the end we start to feel very mad because those people that we have help before is ignoring you. ( EH jgn harap beri bunga dibalas bunga ye)

People might say that those statement mention as 'BERKIRA'. YAWW  Just put yourself in that particular situation first la pry, then u tell me how does it felt. It's so true once people is very in need for your help, they will ask like hell but once they got it, 'my problem solved' I dont need u anymore. BANG!! that feelings was 'awesome'. Please do it frequently to everyone around you, k. (tgn ke dada mata ke atas)

Consider others feelings, dont take for granted of people's kindness coz once the patience is over, u could not tell what might happened.
MOOD= sy sgt marah ye skrg

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