Friday, April 22, 2011

Music 音楽 müzik 음악 الموسيقى

Indeed the topic that I want to talk about is important..crucial..and most of teenagers can't live without it. (including me kowt)..
tyra ni semua bende nak addicted
  So the title of this post is MUSIC (dah pandai gune google translate dah sekarang :p)
BTW there a few other languages that bring the same meaning with music..English followed by Japanese...Turkish (y turkish?!).. Korean and Arabic (since I am taking the language for this semester).
Either I like it or not, I am one of the victim of this new evolution addiction.Budaya telinga bersumbat (ngan earphone or headphone k) ni is part of our tradition nowadays kowt. Everyone from all over the world doing it.
From my point of view each songs or  music will remind me of certain event,people or place which plays an important role in my life.
     cute kan??
Recently, during my stay for few days at home (study week) my mum gave me a pillow (tq mommy). NO ORDINARY PILLOW. Knowing her daughter who loves to plug in her ears, she gave me a pink (duhh pillow with a speaker ( i can just connected it to my mp3 or phone) and simply play the music while I am about to sleep. My mum said "this pillow is for you so that You will listen to ayat2 Al-Quran before u sleep dear"( each of your word is a doa mama). Insyaallah...Hee~ like3
teddy bear pon dgr headphone

Sometimes there is a list of songs that will remind me of one person, not the singer or the band that sing the song.( i should study for final la sekarang). For instance, I dont wanna know by Mario Winans will remind me to my friend Sh. Farida anak pakcik Syed Abd. Rahim because we made a webcam vid singing this song during boredom is our bestfriend. lol
There are few songs that will remind me to my mommy (actually I think about her all the time la) since we love to record our singing voice together during our spare time. The songs are.. she still the 1 by Shania Twain and Hopelessly Devoted to u by Olivia Newton John. Love u mama
dont be too addictive ya

N'sync or BSB songs will remind me of my brother~ Ajin.. Most of songs that I listen to was prefer by him. He loves boyband and for a past few years he memorize all of the dancemoves (applause). Nowadays he just discover his new talent. BEATBOX~ so he started to beatboxing (huh?!) all the song he loves. Wait.. there are heaps of songs la for this handsome fella..I cant list all of them.

I love Michael Buble's song entitle Home because my Australian mum love the song so much. That song remind me of her , I remember she thought me how to play piano which I am totally suck in :p Miss ya mum. She  fly to Sydney from Mackay just to attend Michael Buble concert.

BOB & Hayley- Airplanes is a song for my orientation week in uni same goes with waka waka by Shakira. I was homesick that time and in my adjustment + adapting phase.

Beautiful Love by The Afters will remind me of Qawiem who choose to go to Alam even he got offers from UTP & UNITEN.. Hve a blast time spending 6 months on ship. What ever ur decision is I'll support u dear. Kamek support tok decision kitak *tol ke ek? (even I slightly disagree) :*

These word- Natasha Bedingfield song will remind me during my 4 month stays in hostel when I was 13. I hate that feeling but I'm glad I have that 4 month of duration experiencing hostel environment.=p
There are a lot of people around me with songs and I cant list all of them but so u guys know I love u guys with the songs.ha6
For me everyone have their own favourite songs and I love for them to share with me coz I am open for new things. Suggest me any of songs u like, for sure I'll listen to it =D

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