Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you can't say something nice, dont say nothing at all =)

This quote is taken from  1st Disney cartoon that I watched when I was four years old if I'm not mistaken , ever heard about BIMBI? Binbi or Bimbi..ermm.. I'm not sure..but the point is..If you think something (words duhh~) that will come out from your mouth , will or may harm somebody's feelings..better to keep it to urself (yes mum!!).

I was a..chatterbox..talkative person.(still until today) ...talking is my charm =p
but suddenly at some point, I start to realize..why not to speak whenever I need to not whenever I want to....asking is not wrong.. but in term of  speaking nonsense...that's what I've to avoid because  trust me this is a fact....most of people likes a good listener than a good talker.( it's not I want to be likable) Okey, dont get me wrong here. I should make example before you take it wrongly.

What I'm trying to say is, when you feel slightly disagree with things that your friends said, dont straight away  interrupt his/her speech..listen first..if you think you might spit out something harsh..or inappropriate..keep it to yourself..if you can control your personal emotions in expressing what you think..suit yourself..deliver your opinion healthily...( I cant do that)..crazy huh?? Being tolerate is not as hard as it seems if you are open to learn it.. (fine i'll learn)..

A:.'but that is who I am ,talking harsh is me, u got problem with that?'
B"I got no problem with that..(You got problem because you scared to live with the fact that you have to change.)
A:'Cakap cam bgos sgt je,weyh cermin diri dulu.'
B: I'm not an angel myself, I screwed up before just like..umm..I mean I thought that way before, but I changed (trying to)..gua ckp lagi ganaz dr lu de..(oopss trkeluar plak)
A: susah r ngan orang bertoleransi sgt cam ni..

Anyway..I'm not saying this because I am very good and perfect in term of self behavior.. I am here reminding myself too..That's why..there is a saying 'silence is golden'.

klu dah gian ngan dslr, everything relate ngan DSLR

hUH gold DSLR? common girl there is many other gold things out there..( I guess this is the most priceless to me..hee~)
 So on and so far..that's all I want to share...let's change for better..shall we??

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