Saturday, June 12, 2010

What I learn from playboy~

Playboy is a term for a boy that need more than a girl to be his girlfriend.NO..nO.actually not as a girlfriend..He has a girlfriend and a few other girls to fool around with..Dont get me wrong ok..The purpose of this blog is not to look down to all the playboy and humiliate them..I just want to share a few lesson that I got from a player..Normally playboy hates when people call them player although they really are..I wrote this coz it is part of my experience..I really look up to that guy..seriously..he is really powerful..forget bout this guy..we back to the topics.

Lesson no.1=We must have a strong faith to ourself....Meaning..dont easily trust and listen to the sweet talk.All of them are crap from the mouth of the player.

Lesson no.2=.If you are single and under 30..dont feel bad about it..u are so lucky to be single coz there is a lot more to explore than have to follow every single thing your boyfriend ask you to are free!!!

Lesson no.3=A player is really good in making people feel sorry for him..actually they just playing prethetic all the time which what he really are.

Lesson no. 4=Looks,sweet atitude and soft spoken are the characterristic that they have..From a 1st sight even ur parents will fall for him..but dont be fool by that coz that is all the player got..they got no other thing..poor thing..

Lesson no.5=I have no regret write all this thing coz most probably he could not understand what I wrote

All the list above is more to anger that I have to let go... I have to..I need to..Coz in real life I treat this guy in a best way I could coz I have to prove that what he did to me is did'nt meant anything to me...although it soo damn hurt...still tore me apart everytime I think about it..You win Mr. Playboy..You happy now??
..If people ask me about that guy I will never talk bad things bout him..coz it will just make me look more stupid than I am.Beware girls there is a lot more guys like this species..Choose guy with a good religion background...I hope no one will read this..Ewww my life is so precious rather than spending my time think about that good looking creature...

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