Friday, June 18, 2010


As every member in my family know..I AM A BAD BOWLING PLAYER~ (well that's not hard to admit)..even my youngest brother is better than me..LOL and he just 11 years old... Well after a long time yesterday night my eldest brother accidently payed for six person..That's mean I have to play..OMG!!!I t such a waste of money and time.. Me playing??NO WAY~....If one day I have a boyfriend I'm not gonna let him drag me to the bowling alley.. usual my 1st throw sucks...but miracle happen me... i got all pin fell in my 2nd throw..HAHA...I am so surprised..Me???doing that???That must be someone else..or it just a coincident..The most weird thing was, everytime during my turn the 1st throw will be in the drain but the 2nd one it will strike more than half of the pin but far from strike...1st throw for every round was cursed..That's all I can say..

Mama just discover that her lucky ball is not that lucky coz it so light which that is the reason y she bought it..So she try her shot using other ball..ball number 9 blue (colour is important LOL)...She score higher point with that heavier ball..but it makes her wrist hurts..So that's me throwing in the alley again..Practice makes perfect ryte~

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