Friday, February 12, 2010

My first contact lenses

Today I bought my first contact which totally cost RM80. I definitely not gonna tell my parents bout it coz they might will cut my monthly allowance.I mean they will know somehow but not now. Wait untill I further my study and got a scholarship or something. Sorry Mama & Babah I'm not act like I am a rich kids who like to waste money on silly thing, I just want to experience how does it look like and felt if we wear contact. It's not a big deal. Btw I will wear it for three month..Isnt it worth it???He he~

Anyway it is the hardest thing ever to put on the contact at least for a first time. Before I made this 'wise' decision, I ask Kak Sarah about this all contact thing. She is my big brother's friend.She is a nice person. As everyone who know me know that I get along easier with a girl who a little bit elder than me coz I dream to have a big sister which not gonna happen. It doesnt mean that I dont love my brother, I love him. Anyway that;s another story.So I ask for her advice and price to be exact.Actually the contact cost RM70 the extra 2o bucks is for the container and a bottle of sterilizer for contact.I bought the one that make ur eyes look bigger (black colour to be exact). So that Babah will not notice it. Afterward I will buy the other colour one.Oh Marie I wish my eyes as big as yours which not gonna happen.huh

I just hope that my eye will not suffer any affection after this. Wow that is one of my wish to do list for 2010. Wearing contact eventhough I have zero problem with my eyesight. Just something that will make me feel a little mature and grown ups..Ha ha.. What a silly reason~

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