Friday, February 12, 2010

My first contact lenses

Today I bought my first contact which totally cost RM80. I definitely not gonna tell my parents bout it coz they might will cut my monthly allowance.I mean they will know somehow but not now. Wait untill I further my study and got a scholarship or something. Sorry Mama & Babah I'm not act like I am a rich kids who like to waste money on silly thing, I just want to experience how does it look like and felt if we wear contact. It's not a big deal. Btw I will wear it for three month..Isnt it worth it???He he~

Anyway it is the hardest thing ever to put on the contact at least for a first time. Before I made this 'wise' decision, I ask Kak Sarah about this all contact thing. She is my big brother's friend.She is a nice person. As everyone who know me know that I get along easier with a girl who a little bit elder than me coz I dream to have a big sister which not gonna happen. It doesnt mean that I dont love my brother, I love him. Anyway that;s another story.So I ask for her advice and price to be exact.Actually the contact cost RM70 the extra 2o bucks is for the container and a bottle of sterilizer for contact.I bought the one that make ur eyes look bigger (black colour to be exact). So that Babah will not notice it. Afterward I will buy the other colour one.Oh Marie I wish my eyes as big as yours which not gonna happen.huh

I just hope that my eye will not suffer any affection after this. Wow that is one of my wish to do list for 2010. Wearing contact eventhough I have zero problem with my eyesight. Just something that will make me feel a little mature and grown ups..Ha ha.. What a silly reason~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

FLY again~

I am so excited to go abroad again. Although it just Indonesia but I never been there and very excited to explore something new there. Thanks to Pak Long because he is the one that offer us to join the trip.yeah my whole family except Along coz he got test or something more important. So it is kind a sad coz I'm gonna have fun without. Not totally fun actually without having him around but life must be go on. i don't know what to expect for this another whole trip. It will be totally different for sure that last time b'coz I am going with my parents which means I can ask money from them for shopping (evil laugh). I'm not that bad I am considerate I will not ask too much just a heels maybe, wedges, a few dresses. Nothing much. Isn't that a good news for u mama. He he.

Btw, my grandparents are coming too so my mum advice me to wear something that more appropriate (I never wear nothing if u know what I mean) LOL. Meaning something polite and except able in terms of my mum sight. My mum has her own guideline about how should I dressed which is usually I can negotiate about it because it is for my own good. Having such a curvy figure make me have some kind of difficulty to get dressed. The problem is I love fashion. Fashion is my middle name. Dont worry I will never argue about fashion with my parents coz talking about it will make me cranky plus disappointed.

It is good to have a vacation after a long time. I mean family vacation. My mum said it is a good trip coz my dad's parents also joining us.So that my dad will not get cranky easily. Hoorayy..I will try my really best to behave and always in good mood. As long as no one turn my nerves on~