Monday, September 9, 2013

Recap 4 month activities & events

After my responsibility as PPM is over, I extend my resume at the same school to become a replacement teacher. When the weekend comes I tagged along my brother to KL since he will having interview with US embassy..While he was at the Embassy I wonder around KLCC park because it was to early for window shopping. That time I received the call from my previous working place tellung me one of the teacher had to deliver her baby earlier than the due. So, next day I am the class teacher for 2 Kreatif. Challenging fellow students yet when the time I have to leave them which was earlier than it should be, I shed my tears for the first time in front of my students. I applied for MSU for course BTESL NOV intake, yet they call me for SEPT intake. The headmaster is furious about it since I promised him to keep on servicing till Okt but I decide to quite earlier. He also mad at me because I did not tell him first but he heard from others for instead which was my bad for not being professional. I am learning from my mistakes.
to this 1 photo it took almost 20 minutes to set up

We had our last vacation for next 4 years to come with complete 6 of our family at Universal Studio Singapore. It also a celebration for Ajin since he will further his studies at Michigan States University in US soon. So we had a lot of fun then.
Ever after castle

met Angel with her braces on
tickets + coupons
Battlestar Galactica human vs alien already ride both

Last portrait before leaving

4 of us giving our tired face
Unfortunate event + Ajins' Departure
The event is like a wake up call for our family to remember and spend more time for our Creator. My dad had an accident on his way home from masjid after Isya' prayer. The car didn't gave a signal to turn right which exactly where my dad was heading to. There were 7 cracked bones, 6 ribs bone and the critical one is a shoulder bone. So he had to undergo surgery at Kuantan Medical Centre. He had to stay there for quite sometime for recovery. Mama stay beside him all the time, sometime come back and forth to home and hospital. Alhamdulillah that time Along and me are still around. The incident was actually happened 1 night before Ajin departure which was a hard time for him. Babah strengthen himself to send his son to KLIA despite of his own condition. Alhamdulillah once again he now becoming better. A few days ago he send a picture of our living room which have already painted with new colour. He painted them with Mamas' and Raimis' help and not to forget the new member of our family. JABEENA~
awesome Babah
MSU juge


At first we have no intention to have a cat. So eid is around the corner, so we have to decide fast coz it will be hard to go around dragging a kitten. In the end, here we are with a kitten officially named JABEENA. Ajin gave the name before he leave so we will stick with the name. She is very intelligent and hyperactive kitten. Now is Babahs' bff and a clown of the family plus spidercat. I should be the 1 who responsible for her but then I cant take her with me since one of my roomates have allergy towards furry thing.
Present to you JABEENA pronounce as "jbina"

Recently I just finished my orientation week at MSU and met awesome people. Even sometimes it was tiring and boring but there were splendid time. At the beginning I faced some difficulties looking for affordable place to stay. Towards the end Allah Almighty send a way to end my problem. Along have a friend who is an ex student from MSU and use to stay at the place where I staying in but not the exact house. Coincidentally, there was a girl a friend of Alongs' friend want to move to other house with her sister, so she need someone to replace her in her previous house. Finally I have an affordable yet comfortable place to stay. The apartment have 3 rooms 2 toilet, complete with washing machine, fridge and stove. I stay in master bed room with a toilet in it and sunshine coming in through the window with 3 other awesome people.

Thank you Mama & Babah for everything
All of the students involve in orientation week were divided in groups and I belong to group 5 together with other awesome freaks. They were happening and sporting plus crazy sometimes. Still keep in touch until now.

during stinky time running around campus

registration day

dear roomate Syu
My AUM freaks