Sunday, March 10, 2013

Overcoming last minute destruction

Hectic February~No Post
Annual Dinner season is so last year topic to discuss, since I am just about in the mood talking about it (not literally talking actually; writing~) 
I've been designing  and verangan about my annual dinner dress since the final semester started. Nak wat theme masquerade lah... hipster lah...arabian etc. but at towards the end *sound effect mercun roket
Basicly, the theme was shades of blue. So, I bought satin cloth a few metres a few month earlier and put my trust on a beginner tailor who is 1 year older than me. Unfortunately it turn out to be all over the place.

The skirt length was singkat which will look obviously kelakar dengan kasut 4 inch height, the puffy on the shoulder which I have requested turn out to be the main reason why lengan jadi singkat, upper part was baggy and major mistakes yang x boleh dimaafkan the skirt. I was unhappy that time, so ask Bell to come with me to see is there anything that can be fixed. Bell designed and sew her own dress and the dress was stunning, I wish I have the skill. Anyway, she said that the tailor was lazy and wasting so much cloth plus nothing we can do to fix it in that very last minute. Bell said I should just left the dress without paying since it turn out to look funny for me. But then, I decide to pay the dress which cost me RM70 . I ask Suha to take the dress for me coz I dont think I can see that tailor again. The tailor said I cant expect to get the dress with difficult process with the price that I have demand. I said to her not to put a big number but then if the dress turn out just the way I want it, I dont mind give extra ringgit for it. Lesson learned, dont trust people easily and please do learn to sew. If Bell and Mama can do it, so do I right? But that's another story.
            REALITY       EXPECTATION

Last minute dress, grab something from PEACE coz I will got discount using siswa card. I bought the dress earlier but then I heard there already someone bought look alike dress like mine. I decide to exchange it but on the second thought we alter the dress. By having a little bit of passion and creativity towards fashion designing plus talented tailor named Bell not to forget Bella as director (nak jugak) we create a new look for that regular looking blue dress only with the help of black ribbon. The dress meleret sgt so Bell cut the front part upside down 'U' shape and let the back part meleret, so I have to wear black lycra skirt inside which I already have. The satin shawl I wore is actually the leftover of satin which were divided into 2 part which me and Bella just cut them a few hours before the event. 
Add black ribbon here and there, plus try and error black rose ring by Bell yang menjadi
Thank you Bell and Bella for being my life savior.

Place: Quenara Al-Safir Resort

Since this is our last dinner as a diploma students, we are the batch that everyone is celebrated. Perasan VIP we are the last group who arrived which was 1 hour late (gile lambat). Our bad coz terhegeh2 bersiap *Mianhe~
We decided to wear a butterfly as a signature of our table even ramai gile kot yang pakai jgk. I feel like that event end too fast, mane taknye sampai lewat. I can't found my camera charger so I cant capture my own memorable event, tumpang DSLR Bell and Ipad Bella je la. So, from campus i drift with Yana, Fey, Suha and Kunim...others RedKancil. We need to climb many stairs to enter the hall, imagine my foot still adapting with the heels. Feeling lucky this dinner coz I got a hamper for lucky draw KJ pule yang deliver >..<
Three of us Bell me with Kunim are ze lucky draw-ers recepients =)

So we (sem6 Teslian) end the ceremony by singing Medley on the stage, followed by never ending snaping photos.
Project Paper mates (photo editted 4 our supervisior)

Ze lucky draw-ers recepients at our table

Party people of Teratai table
My Gadis Ciptaan , x cukup column; Hajar