Thursday, January 24, 2013


This obsession started when I love Olsen twins a little bit too much. Iwatched all their movies and have a collection of their books that I never read. Yeap MaryKat &Ashley who are a billionnare now since they have they own fashion line.
cantik x berbaca lg

From time to time my feelings to have a twins in the future become stronger. Since I am the only girl in the family, I think it is good to have someone who are there for you. But on second thought, I dont want a younger or older sister. Coz having a big sister may lead to being bullied or low self esteem. On the other hand, having baby sister, she can be as annoying as you imagine. I am annoying sometimes *most of time actually, can you imagine having another mini version of me who possibly will be annoying times 3. Well put  that aside, I got no sister and feeling grateful about it bcoz I got Mommy who is like big sis. 

Ok back to me really want twins daughter. I have gone through too many kind of conflict in friendship with girls. So I dont want the same thing happen to my girl. If she have a bestfriend to fight, cry, laugh with since she was born. She will never feel left out or neglected coz they always have each other. Even the whole world hates her she got another half of her.

I know it is sound unreal and my idea about twins is too good to be true but I'll try to make it happen. When I was in primary school I got a twin bestfriend (boy girl twins). I admire how they support each other's back whatever the situation is.The attachment is really strong. So since that day twins thingy amuse me. Even once my brother told me that he got a  triplet friend I got super duper excited. Ntah pape
That's all my immature verangan x sudah..
Marie sedih xde kembar ):


Amalina Nabilah said...

ok ok ok. dh baca...wakakaka. mohon buang "please prove you're not a robot" dibawah. kerana saya sendiri tak mampu nk bela robot.hahaha

tier@92 said...

haha....x reti nak buang..juz live with it..huhu