Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poly- tic

Pop quiz!! List out words which have 'poly' in it~
  • roly-poly (by T-ara)
  • Barbie poly (time kecik2 berangan nak satu)
  • polyvyl.....(something related to chemistry)
  • ringtone polyphonic
Ok ran out of ideas :)

minum susu jap penat fikir

21 year old me will write about politics. Yup (isu sensitive tahap mohsyar) Since I am turning 21 officially this 6th of April (valid to vote already), I have to start collecting knowledge about what’s going on in politic world nowadays so that I can decide which one should I stamp my thumb on (dulu pangkah je,undi hantu punye pasal dah tukar method kan). All this while I’ve been avoiding to know, listen or read anything related to the reality of who deserve to rule this country, my beloved Malaysia. Not actually deserve, but can run this country better, make Malaysia a better place.

The blank a.k.a stupid me have asked my dad stupid question which most likely sound like this “Negara kita ni demokrasi eh Bah?”, dapat la sejibik kepada diriku yang ignorance n pass je subjek sejarah time skola dulu, “Tu la remaja sekarang sampai hal basic psal Negara sendiri pon tak ambk tahu,” actually I know raja berpelembagaan but then it was mid term break, the part my brain yang store all the knowledge tengah reboot (alasan tak munasabah). Ambik nak free lecture dari lecturer FSKKP from UMP. Babah is so right, undeniably belia these days focus more on entertainment rather than general knowledge. Terus online bace sikit2 tentang what happen in Malaysia, insaf kejap je la then sambung cuci mate online window shopping =)
Terima la pose serba dewasa dari ku
ps:warna baju ku x semestinya mewakili ape yang bakal ku tinggalkan cap jari harap maklum 

What my father told me and I want to share to all readers (yang sudi membaca warkah bahasa rojak ku ini), before you decide to vote to any party, you better have background knowledge about both party. It is important for you to read or get information from various sources not juz on one particular media only. We have internet, news on variety of channels and newspaper. Even I am more to auditory learner; I am forcing myself to read more about world nowadays. Somehow I have to admit to myself I am an adult and must have a whole new wider perspective about what happen around me. There are so much important things to acknowledge rather than which kpop idol coming to Malaysia.

Therefore, it’s like a wake up call for me to be more resourceful. I don’t want to be the type of girl who worries and obsessed towards who my boyfriend flirting with and who he approved on social network coz gua tau sangat tak tenteram perasaan macam tu (if I have a husband definitely will do that muahaha *gelak jahat). There’s so much more important thing to think about. Live for my future starting now, admitting I am a lady know. That’s all for poly-poly~

Ps: sebarang statement tidak dituju kepada sapa2, kalau terasa saya mintak maaf *toing kene kat dahi sendiri sebenarnye


Syamimi Hazirah said...

Ayah tirah lecturer FSKKP kat UMP?

tier@92 said...

A'ah kak ira...en.ruzaini ye namenye..Akak ambik course ape kat ump?