Friday, July 13, 2012

T.E.A.C.H.E.R - torture

Including this week, its over a month already le me undergo practicum at my beloved school. Yeappady doo I already fell in love with the school. Of course la there a few unfavourite incidents that have to go through everyday but it doesn't mean it will ruin the rest of my day. Let's start with 1st sub topic shall we....

Le Guru Pembimbing

Syukur Ahamdulillah dapat Kak Lia as my guru pembimbing. She always updated me the DO'S and DONT'S in teaching my students as well as in being an English Teacher in this school. She treat 3 of us like a sister. Guess what, during sport day me and teacher Ida went to her house. I like everything about her house, it is not very spacious but she organized her house very well. The arrangement of the furniture is just amazed me, she managed to put the furniture accordingly match with the spaces in her house. She have a scrambler which she rides with her husband to avoid hustle and bustle of Terengganu traffic which is very cool for a mum with two kids.
sports day
I wore Arsenal jersey that day and students keep on saying "Arsenal tok beh ticer." and "Teacher minat Arsenal ke?" Then I said to them, "Football is not my thing, I wear it just because it is red in colour and I am in red team". There goes a weird look made by them and followed by a Malay translation from me and that's how it goes everytime Teacher Athirah speaks English.


First time I enter my class, 5 B AND 5 K, I paste a star board to give points for group that obey the terms and condition that I've prepared which must be followed (korg ingat contest je ke ade terms and conditions). It is to giving points to groups that able to follow the rule. There are 4 different colours of stars and each of them have different points. I also tell them for those who did not bring their book at the time they were ask to do so, they will have to stand at their place and "tongkat hidung". At first, I thought they will feel embarrassed to do so but they didn't. They immediately do so after I finished mention about it, I drop the punishment because they seems to enjoy the consequences.

I got the idea from my mum. She did that to her year six students and they try very hard not to get the punishment but not for my students. Then I have no idea how to punish them but for sure they seems to enjoy my star board which not make them feel bored :p
student bagi (tau2 je teacher suke pink

before mereka berlari

with teacher2 cantik

cute pose