Saturday, June 23, 2012


Facts that you will read next come from the bottom of my heart. Going through this practicum is almost like a dream come true. Ok I know it just a practicum not me being a real teacher yet. Being a teacher not just a job, some people said it is a safest and easiest job. But for me it is more that that.
 The 1st place I went to in term of education institute is primary school at SK Sri Skudai at JB. My mum take me with her as a standard 1 student, I suppose to be at kindergarten that time coz I was only 5 years old. It was a year when my dad just finished his Master at UK. Basicly, I know nothing about how is school everyday routine that time, I just follow my mum going everywhere. It is hard to believe I still remember those tiny details such as my mum bought a glue wit red tube for me that time, I'm not sure for what but for me that glue is kind a bizarre for me :p
i dunno why I remember this
After few days, my mum send me to Tadika Iman coz I can't cope with standard 1 learning syllabus (mane xnye kat tadika UK banyak main je). Back then, I follow my mum for a few times to her school and sit at teacher's table where all student staring at me and saying " Anak teacher...anak teacher". Even I was small and naive that moment I witness all of my mum action, how she control the class, being firm yet strict at the same time. What I know, all of my mum's students love her very much even she's very strict. BTW, she's an English Teacher. 
she is a TESL graduates, me?? soon

From that moment I said to myself I want to be exactly like my mum. She raise up her kids in her own way and educate her student in a way that makes they loves her very much. During teacher's day, my mum will receive a lot of present. Its not what I wanted the same thing... presents but today I feel very touch when I see how other people children loves my mum very much. I feel jealous at 1st but then I want to have that energy + passion + ability that my mum have. I know it is not easy but I want to be exactly like her. I wrote this not to feel brag or else but  i wanna share how long I've been waiting to be at her place. A place to teach and educate next generation. 

I know there will be challenges awaits me, I hope it wont torn my spirit down. I met all kind of teachers in my life but everytime I found something that I dont like in my teacher I tell myself, one day I will be in that place. I  never had a chance to be the  favorite student of my teacher. My teachers see me just like I am JUST another student but it is fine, I still wanna be a teacher. Back then (even now) teachers around me have their own student of preferences, I always be the one that sit in the shadow. I did not begging for attention at anytime, as long as I play my role as a student, perform well in study and do all the home work.

From time to time I take not the DO and DON'TS in being a teacher. I dont want to be a teacher that I dont like back then. I have to be more creative in attracting my students to love English and be a better human being. Wish me luck :)

ps: sorry for long boring entry ^^,

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