Friday, April 20, 2012

Crazy idea

I have this crazy idea that I have kept in mind for quite sometimes (actually i have shared with my roommate). I'm thinking to write a letter form post from time to time. That letter entitle 'A letter to a husband' & ' A letter to a daughter'. I know it sound insane. People will said "You're not married and You didn't have a child yet (not even pregnant)" ske r ni blog kite

I was inspired by a slot in Oprah where's a mum make videos for her daughter after she was diagnose to have a cancer that can't be treated and getting worse. She record/filming every single thing she want to say/advice/teach to her daughter (me and my mum cried along the slot as expected). The reason why she did that to make sure her daughter will never feel she is not around and she want her daughter received every single things that she want to say. Even if she feel sad and crying in the middle of the nyte she will filming it. I forgot to tell, at the time the doctor told her about her illness, her daughter is still a baby.

For me to make a video? Hurmmm....It will take a lot of gb to film, so I use a traditional method. So just wait for it. :)


Captain Hero said...

i dont understand.. so, to whom the letter will be delivered?

[ i think dont get the idea of 'form post'..]

tier@92 said...

It means...from time to time I'll write a story or advices base on my experience and hoping my future daughter will read it or other people daughters...I call it 'a letter' coz letter last longer than text messages ryte?