Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tiya / Tiha xoxo

This post will be only about you Tiha my beloved adorable roomate. Rather than write it in boring sentences, i'll make a list for you.

What I love about you:

  • Anything bad I did you'll take it positively
  • You always lend your ears no matter what
  • I've never met anyone as well-mannered as you
  • You make photo of us as your phone wallpaper
  • You always there for your friends even they hurt you
  • It's hard to find what I dont like about you
Things that remind me of you:
  • my blog songs
  • whenever I open my eyes from sleep (coz u the 1st person I see)
  • turquoise *dunno why
  • our room *posto puesto (of course)

  • when the first time I take the room key and your name was written as my roomate I feel overjoy + thankful + thrill about it
  • I pray for your success in study+love+fortune
  • you always have me anytime you need me
  • thank you for understand and 'tahan' with me *u know what I mean
  • nothing u have to change about urself
  • your determination in studies
  • I feel reluctant to not to be your roomate for next semester, it will be hard for me not to be your roomate anymore next sem :(

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What I know about MARS?

MARS~ I'm not talking about planet mars literally, or MARS chocolate bar. Noppady nope~ Remember the famous book entitle WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS & MEN ARE FROM MARS. In my opinion, it juz an exaggeration to show contradiction between male and female.Yeah i'm gonna share my opinion towards Men.

Yeah this book, I've read it....few pages :p
In relationship matter towards guys, I am the last person on earth have a right to talk about it..but to talk about them I'm pretty sure I am almost the right person to share my thoughts because I grow up around men in present and they were boys in the past. Yeah for sure it is different because they are my flesh & blood, but still they are male. Ok to be fair, to make my opinions worth taken for, I have boys as friends. Not boyfriends juz a male as a very good friend. People said possibilities for a girl to fall for the person who shares a lot of things with them is high. I dont denied it, for some people...but for me I feel blessed or thankful because these guys chose me to share their stories. I learn a lot about male from them.

Who says we learn or know more about guys if we being in a relationship with them? In relationship with a guy you didn't know his inside out feelings because guys have ego. They not gonna tell every single detail of their anxiousness to their girlfriend, it would make them less hero in front of their girlfriends. Am I right? *sorry for talking like "Miss She Thinks She Knows Everything"

Frankly speaking I respect Men more if they admit their wrong in past rather than he acts innocent but as a matter or fact he is not. Wrong means they tell me about things they regret the most, dark history everyone have it right? When he have a guts to reveal his dark past it means that he have take a huge step to not to be him in the past anymore *ayat cam keling

What I try to convey here, he wants to change and become a better person. Everytime I met this kind of guy, it opened my eyes, not necessarily a person who was a jerk cannot become a decent guy in present.( excuse the expression) 
Everyone deserve a 2nd chance. I'm glad this is the way I learn about opposite gender rather than being in love and act stupid * I become stupid if i'm in love, not like other girls are more rational.

Moreover, I love to listen from guys side rather than girls because it is less emotional. I listen to my friends and my brothers stories. Maybe from that I can apply in the future, the'do' and 'don'ts' in dealing with guys.

Sometimes I love being around these guys because they have nothing to hide from me. They show their true colour. Not all girlfriend knows what is playing in their boyfriends head right? Coz some girlfriends cannot take the fact of what their boyfriends think about. I am almost 20, gonna leave my teenage life soon, somehow I think a lot about reality of adult life. It is not simply 'I'm into that hot guy, he have to become my boyfriends.' That is so high school.
They got what I want in a man
These boyfriends and girlfriends thingy might be not suit for me. Maybe its not my thing. I attracted to guys but that's it. Let my parents decide or if any guy take me seriously, he can straight away see my dad. Not me. Yeah sound conventional, but I prefer that way. At least for now~

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tatkala ketekanan melanda diri...Mula la wat menda bukan2..mama kata ok je this look tp kan x mau la coz singkat sangat..x cover what needs to be covered...hee ~

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Self expression~

Setiap kali aku diuji dengan dugaan yang pelbagai,
 sebenarnya aku amat bersyukur
sebab itu buktinya ALLAH sayang dekat aku
dan ia juga membuatkan aku lebih bersyukur dengan nikmat yang dipinjamkan

I speak to myself "Athirah...dugaan kau ni kecik je, lagi pon dah lama sangat kau happy,
ni tandanya ALLAH bagi peringatan. Tak balance la hidup klu ade ups je."
Dalam dunia ni tak semua orang boleh bahagia diatas kebahagiaan orang lain
tak kurang juga orang yang sentiasa menganggap kita nak bersaing dengan dia.

Persaingan yang sihat itu tak mengapa
tapi kalau sampai membuatkan diri kita paranoid
tak ke menyusahkan diri sendiri
for me the only person I want to compete with is myself
I want to be a better me everytime

Dari kecil aku bukan la seorang individu yang pintar
always score the highest mark and outstanding than others
tapi aku seorang student yang  x pernah berhenti berusaha
sebab ALLAH bijak seimbangkan nikmat yang diberikan kepadaku

Sering kali juga diuji dari segi persahabaatn
individu demi individu datang dan pergi
tapi bersyukur sangat sebab ada yang tidak pernah pergi
aku belajar dari kesilapan aku
setiap kali ada perselisihan, ketika itulah dapat aku muhasabah diri

Bersyukur sangat ibu bapa ku sentiasa ada sebagai kawan yang mendengar masalah
Hanya mereka yang betul-betul memahami karenahku
Mereka tahu anak tunggal perempuan mereka ini tidak sempurna akhlaknya
Tapi tidak pernah berhenti berusaha untuk perbaiki diri

Aku tak suka dimarahi dan memarahi
tapi setiap kesabaran ada batasnya
maafkan aku seandainya engkau tak boleh terima tindakan aku
but somebody have to do it

there's not a single regret exist within me
i'm glad I've done it
too many hearts you have broke
but you just ignore it
If being plastic is a definition for your friendship
I dont want to be in it

My action did not signify I am childish but prove that
I have to stand for my own rather than  satisfying your
selfish needs, praying one day your eyes will opened.
If you have no effort in changing, say 'hi' to much worse

ps: sorry for the juz help me to express myself better :) 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Story morry

All aboard~ Haha…This time I just wanna share my experience flying with MAS. Recently for Mauled Rasul I went back to my dad’s hometown (3 hours from my home) because my dad have to give some kind of speech to SBPI students there which about where you can go after SPM thingy. This is his first big thing after he passed his PhD viva. So, the rest of the family wants to be there to give him support. GO DADDY GO~
The next day is the day I have to be in campus yet we have to attend ta wedding at Putrajaya,  1ST daughter of my dad’s schoolmates at MRSM. Actually I was the person who decide are we gonna attend the wedding or not coz I must be in campus next day. My dad solutions book a flight ticket so that I can fly from KLIA to KT.  In my head, “No traffic jam, no bouncy journey and the most important thing no 4 hours sitting in the bus”. YEAY

It’s not a big deal to travel alone for 45 minutes right. It’s not my first time I travel  alone, in fact I have been travelled  to a farer destination alone by flight. But then it turned out to be …How can I put it in word…Chaotic??
Why? I checked in late, went to toilet…. perform my pray (not blaming the pray)… My flight was at 2.50 pm and 10 minutes before that I’m just about done doing those things that I have to do before boarding. BTW, guess what am I wearing? If it’s baju kurung, I aint got problem with it but I wear kebarung  with a lipat batik skirts (u can imagine how tiny my steps is)., The description is important coz I want you to imagine how I rushed by wearing them with red hand luggage and a bagpack. LOL
Kissing hugging..tata to the king, queen and 3 heroes.. Security check…Never like it (0.o). One of the officer ask, “Blaja lg ek?” Then I nodded and showing my braces. The reason he ask because when he scan my ‘hand luggage’ he saw air freshener refill, instant noddles and few bottle thingy which I am quite aware about carrying aerosol and liquid aboard. But then he just let me in. I run as quickly as I could because MY NAME WAS ANNOUNCED IN KLIA for being late on board. * My brother quite jealous because his name never be announced at KLIA. For me it was not cool at all. I feel like my name was announced at the school assembly on Monday morning.
At this last minute I could not found my A3 gate. How lumpy I am, gates with odd numbers is on the left hand side and even numbers right hand side. How could I not notice those things?  It was not my first time la. Maybe panic attack where your brain does not worked very well, I ask one of the pilot passed by where is A3 gate then he show me. Steward there who is waiting to close the gate ask me whether I wanna put my ‘hand luggage’ in the cargo. Why I wrote it in bracket? Coz my hand luggage is about to explode with things I stuffed in it. Even the steward sighs when he had to lift my luggage and put it on the top of my head (place where u put ur hand luggage) * kecoh la I am a girl and I am still alive lifting that heavy ‘hand luggage’ (sarcasm on).
Thank you to Mila and cacannye yang sudi menjemput saye di Airport walaupun sy memberi arahan yang salah setibanya sy di situ J