Thursday, June 2, 2011

the challenge

I take aimanazlan90 challenge to prepare a mother's day video...
He is one of the youtuber that I subscribed to. Honestly, the beginning is GEDIX GILERR kot... He asked to mention about 3 things but I guess I didn't follow the regulation. (no wonder this video is so B.O.R.I.N.G...I'm not sure whether I should show this to my mum coz if she know that I put this video in youtube..I think she will be I just say the same thing that I said in this video live in front of her..hihi

FYI...this video I prepared without any plan,1st record and I edited here and there then uploaded it...(mmg xde org nak tgk la kan)

Disebabkan I x mention few things that aimanazlan90 ask to include in the video, I add it in words je la eh..

 sHe is in her 40's but she looks younger than me even 1 of my friends said "tyra ur mum look like ur sister, younger sister". Plus, she act like she's 18.... that's why having 3 teenagers(Along dah adult kot) is easy for her to get along. She is very neat. This house always spic and span with her touch. I adore the way she fold the clothes, cleaning the house, get things in the house in order. She really hope I will turning out like her one day (i'm struggling mommy) even she never mention it to me.

We both love to sing(privately just two of us). There was a time when only 2 of us left in the house, I record her voice singing a song U LIGHT UP MY LIFE  i'm not sure who sing it. That song leaves a huge impact on me because when I was little, I never know my mum have such a sweet voice. That song is the 1st song I heard she sang and I cried that time. Now I learn that song, we sang and record our voices. Whenever I miss her I'll listen to that song.....which will be followed by tears..

Although I already make a speech for my mum. I just want to write it again. Mama u are not just a mother to your kids who fed us with yummy food, prepare all off our wants and needs, loving us, take care of us.... u are a role model that I wish I will be a wonderful person just like u one day...u resemble a very good example as a teacher, student, daughter,sister,friend,wife and a mother...even all the time u never take it serious when I mention ur kindness....u are mama...You always said that u think u dont act like a doesnt matter because that makes u our one and only mama..The mother of 3 sons and a daughter...everytime my eyes blinking...everytime my heart is beating...every breath that I take....cant compare to prove how much I love u.. and I know u will reply "Love from a mother to their children would be more than that". love u mama..xoxoxo

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aiman azlan said...

Your mom does look like your sister :)