Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turning 9teen

 ni wish card dari KUNIM~bermakna ok...tq2

 Bella nyer speech menusuk sgt~thank u for helping me to change into a better person..make me realize about the fact of life

 Roomate ku syg sgt suke melihat ku pki shawl lalu die memberi ku ini~ TQ SGT2 ROOMATE KU YANG HENSEM


Happy Birthday to me ~ and this is not my birthday

This year is my 1st time celebrating my birthday without my family around. I am kind a sad because this year would be a final year for me to called as a teenager.
Thank you to IDA + BELLA + KUNIM + FEGHUZ  for buying a cake for me and a small celebration even its actually not a perfect time in term of having extra money. I really appreciate your sacrifices. IDA ... tq for the maybelline lip gloss and be the first person to wish my birthday. Plus the funny story behind getting the lip gloss for me..
The real story is u said that u have to buy something important at HKS (Hok KEE Seng) Market. Then u asked KUNIM to go with you and I said I want to go to because I need to buy a bread. At that moment I have no idea that you want to buy a present for me so I just follow you guys. After I get the bread then u bought the lip gloss. haha
tq once again.
Thank you soo much coz u guys get me a cake..and the photo of my real cake is corrupted :(
so I cant share the picture. The wish on the cake is 'BE MATURE'. xley bla... am I too childish?? sob3 Its ok I'll try my best to change k?
I cried at the morning of my birthday because I received text message from my mum in form of pray. She said how much grateful she feels to have me as her daughter. The only daughter. (EVERYTIME i READ HER TEXT i'LL CRY) I cry in Arabic class this morning and in Edu Psychology class. tHANKX TO pROF zUL FOR NOT HAVING A QUIZ today :D that is a gift from u to me unintentionally...
Thankx to everyone who wish and pray for me in Facebook. eVEN U guys dont give any present, ur willness to wish n pray for is enough already,coz for me a birthday is not all about gifts (tp klu dapat sape x suke an..hi2) Looking forward to celebrate my birthday with family back in Kuantan...xoxo
and this is not my cup cake ;
ps:still waiting for u to wish for my birthday..eeee geramnyer asal x wish2

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