Saturday, January 8, 2011

2nd sem..

Beginning of 2011~Hurmm...too many things we do..since class does not started yet.. assignment had not been given yet...problems did not occur yet....nothing much to say i juz wanna put a few picture that i not uploaded at my fb... hee~
BTW I already wear my 1st high heel..4 and a half inch..thanked god i've started to get use to it..a'ai call it Victoria Beckham shoes,,HOHO..or my mum call it 'kasut yg boleh bunuh org'..Honestly, after walking in that shoes for a whole day, my back strained.. what an experience..i am killing my own backbones..

If in high school I like to take photos ADAEMAN...but now in uni..there is new couple.. NEDDIQ(suke cantum name owg) klu diorg gdoh..hurmm...extraordinary couple sket diorg nih..x pnah lg jmpe couple cam Siddiq tu baik la even die hot tempered..

We already plan about our trip to$$$$$$..huh...which really bothering me ryte now...I have to do something so thati'll be more wiser in money matters..i just realise that I aam a SHOPPAHOLICS~ JUZ LIKE rEBECCA bLOOMWOOD....BUT i DONt have creadit card like her...

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