Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ade ura2 mengatakan En Ruzaini nak bg toy baru kat cik Athirah...hee
Tp ura2 je la En Ruzaini dpt vroom2 bru n nak give a way City nyer...
Cik Athirah x la mengharap sgt (tipu2)...toy ape2 pon boley (myvi pink ok gak)~demand giler
x kisah kete pape tp klu ley nak kaler pink...hihi
viva pink ok En Ruzaini kate..kancil jew..x kisah la kete pape pon... asalkan kete... sem 2 nanti xyah naik bas dah..(menggunung tiggi harapan)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Athirah= keep on smiling although she is suffering

Yup...I am trying soo hard to keep on pretending nothing is wrong with me..but actually....i am fooling myself...i dont want to sacrifice anymore..I wanna know how does it feel if someone love u...only u...I want to know how does it feel to be no 1 in someone' to stop hurting yourself Athirah..stop doing that..u have been doing that ever since...u deserve to be happy instead of sacrificing yourself..stop feeling sorry...

I have to realize that..sacrifice is not always another term of love...How to avoid from loving someone who is belong to someone else....Athirah..u are not like that.. u know what is right and wrong..u always be reasonable..please dont repeat the same mistake that u have ur eyes...dont let urself getting hurt again,,u deserve to be happy...