Friday, July 30, 2010

0_0 me being tough

I'm not getting lucky all the time.I had my bad day yesterday but I am grateful coz I know that ALLAH love me that's why i faced so many difficulties in a day.Start from the morning, there was a PTPTN N BIMB thing to settle.I just realise that i just have a copy of my mum slip gaji, so what i did was leave the long queue n rush to the library to photostat it.When I return back to DABS my fren Ika told me that the form just need a only a copy of a backup document, such a waste.Its ok~ think positive Athirah that is ur exercise for today.
The session with PTPTN a lil bit disorganised coz people cut queue.Those people have no integrity at all, such a selfish.During my turn....disaster form have a liquid paper mark was REJECTED..the machine can't scan form with liquis paper marks...I almost cry but big girls dont cry ryte?? I rush to the library to print out those forms again which cost me RM4.40.... It's all my fault:(
Back in DABS...I call my dad n ask him is ryte for me to go straight away to the counter or should I queue again and he said this time I should be selfish coz I have a bus to catch..being selfish is soo not me i feel anxious bout what people would say bout my act...I sit near to Ika n Mia n told them bout my story, both of them ask me to go to the counter straight away but I still dont feel good bout doing it,So what I did was talk to the person who was suppose to be next (dealing with ptptn staff) asking for permission to go before her...But she said she also in a rush coz she have a class..negotiation does'nt do it hard way..forget bout what they said..i went straight away to that akak n she still remember me n ask me to sit with a smiling face..I love u la kakak..U are the best although u asked me to print back the forms before..
My second scene was..I missed my bus..and it was not my mistakes..the bus wrote nothing bout the destination..i bought ticket for trans so there’s no reason i ride city liner..arrghh..I have no idea y Trgganu Terminal have such a disorganized system..RM18.90 gone just like that... so i bought another ticket at 5.30pm which turn out to be 6.30p.m.Guess what my seat no.??? 38 but the seat in the bus is just 32...(doent make any sense)I have right to complain but I am too tired to bother. So I were stand for a while..thanked god there was a gentleman that gave me a seat..Although he was trying to flirt..At the end we had a chat and he made to get my no...silly me

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