Monday, March 1, 2010

To much crying in a time

Last night I found something that really touch my feelings..Just because of that thing I cry badly..Actually not just because of that thing...You guys have no idea how does it felt read ur parents postcard during they still a couple. It cannot be describe..You suddenly realize that ur parents is so in love with each other..For sure my parents would not care to read my blog so I brave enough to write this blog.My mum is a fan of Garfield so my dad send her Garfield postcard which was very romantic. I cry for each words I read..I felt like I am a part of the story..My parents have no idea bout all this.They will kill me if they know..(exaggerating)

I did not stop crying yet because I found another thing and this time its belong to me.My birthday card.Not just a card, it is my 5th year old birthday card from Grandpa & Grandma from Australia. My mum's host parents. Although I just turn five that time, I still remember them very well.They came to Malaysia to see us when I was little.Grandma gave me a bunny which she made it herself as a gift but I already lost it now.

Honestly, I cried everytime I see their picture. Although I dont live with them for a year like my mum but there are strong bond created between us.I dont know whether you still alive or not Grandma & Grandpa but I really want both of u know that I miss and still love u guys.

Now I have my own host mum and I really hope I would not lost contact with her.I dont want to loose her like I lost Grandma & Grandpa.Then I just realize that cards and letters last longer than email or messages.

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