Thursday, March 11, 2010

My SPM result~~~

I got 4 A'S 1 B AND 4 C'S...I dont study really hard and my result is almost the same with those who study really hard..Alhamdulillah...At last i can prove to others that I can do it too...and I can survive on my own no matter with whom I get along with...My parents was very happy coz I get the best result among the worst..What I really mean is in my school , students who got 5 A's and above was called to get up on the stage..I'm glad that I got juz 4 A's coz I hate to be on the stage..(what a silly reason)..

My mum said this is the best birthday present she ever got..coz I beat people who looked down on me...But i feel a lil bit sad coz I got A- for my English..I should got A+ to futher my study in I'm quite worry bout that...The second thing is.. I'm gonna missed my family holiday if I got accepted 4 English Foundation.. Specialty of this Family vacation dad will drive across the state..we gonna go to 3 different state if I not mistaken...I dont want to missed that...Juz hoping 4 the best

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