Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Missing Mackay

I'm in my house at Malaysia now but my heart and my still left in Mackay...I just need time to get back to reality..my real life. I still missing mum Rosemary Agnes Shanks and cry frequently because thinking of her. Isn't it miracle one day she just someone who didn't expect me to come and suddenly become closer each day like my mum. The biggest different between us getting fade each day for me..different skin colour, language, religion and background doesnt seem a matter.

I missing every single thing I've done with her. Walk to Woolies, chatting with her at the kitchen bar while she cooking, told silly story while she is driving to make her awake along a journey...All those thing is memory..sweetest memory for me... Maybe for her I'm just another exchange student fron foreign country but for me she is my second mum. I need sometime to stop crying everytime I think about her. I never let my parents know that I am crying because I dont want to offence them.

Another thing that I missed is my host brother or you can call them housemate. Irfan and Sean. They just make my day full of joy or maybe uneasy sometimes. Both of them have totally different personality and they have to share a bedroom along our stay there. Can you imagine that? Irfan is mature, same age with me, quite loner (happy to be on his own),intelligent boy, unique person to be exact but I dont have any problem to get along with him. Only one time I felt offended about what he said to me. I already get over it anyway..no big deal..Sean is happy go lucky, like to hang out in my room, love to make make noise (but its doesnt bother me), he wish he have a big brother or sister because he is a 1st child.They have a contrast character. Thank god they never punch each other but had a fight without physical contact once which really freak me out.

Last but not least, Persia..cute little cat who just undergo operation to make sure it doesn't have babies..kittens to be exact...she likes to slapped on Sean's face to wake him up every morning..she likes to scratch and bite Irfan. She just a playful little fellow..I missed every single thing in that house. Michael my host brother used to fold everyone's clothes including my undies..for me its really embarrassing but for them nothing wrong bout that.He gone for exchange to Panama so he like to give some Spanish lingo lesson...especially because mum will leave to Argentina soon if I not mistaken.Really miss them...xoxo

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