Friday, May 31, 2013

Visiting INTI

Salam readers. I guess blogging would be once a month updated, dont you think? I think so. Well... recently I had a long exhausting yet exciting journey with my brother who soon to be abroad. we share stories a lot since high school and there no one else in my life that makes me comfortable as much as he does ( of course we are womb-mate, he was there in the same tummy after 2 years) Well, I think it sounds funny the word 'womb-mate' I just made and only suitable for twins not siblings. *suke hati je

Anyway back to the story. We decide to tag along daddy since he has a meeting at KPT, Putrajaya. We woke up at early because we need to leave the house by 5 a.m. Yup sun is still sleeping that time.It turn out to be somebody was not sleeping last night, maybe he too excited to met his friend for the last time I reckon. So he slept almost along the journey whenever we were in the car. He deserve a time out since he put his heart and soul in preparing a delightful lasagna the day before. I tell you it is a big YUM the taste of lasagna. Even I am known as a person who regularly cook Italian cuisine in the house after my mum, no one can't beat the taste of his cook. Maybe its true, a person who rarely cooks actually better in cooking. His friends is very lucky to have him because he cooked and bring a long his food to give them. Ajin is lucky too because he has such a sweet friends.
His proud lasagna

Daddy didn't drop us in front of INTI College gate but he drop us half way since he had to rush to Putrajaya.    Ajin (my brother) and I were like hitch hiking daddy to fulfill our plan, Ajin's plan I'm just tagging along. We took KTM at Bandar Tasik Selatan station and stopped at Nilai. Every single time I am in the train I will always said, " I wish we have train in Pahang since it is the biggest states in Malaysia, it would be so convinient". Let just pray for that.

rise & shine

we both feel like zombie since we wake up very early

We took a bus, INTI College public bus to go to the college from KTM station. It was fun to explore private college and see how things work. I've been to UTP but it is so much different from INTI for sure. Ajin took me to the cafeteria for brunch. The cafeteria would be like a student center and I think they offers variety of food and mostly international choices since they have international students. I like the environment there.
That's my brunch (I gave away the egg yolk to Ajin)
Then we visit Icha (dunno how to spell her name) at her block, I was told she will leave for BTN that afternoon. She really shock and lil bit blushed to see be since she was not in her best feature. I dont even aware of that if she didn't brought that up. When we were having our brunch my brother already divide the lasagna to his friends according to their block. So Icha get one and next was high demand Susu a.k.a Hariz. We met couple time. He's the triplet who lives in Kuantan too. He's like my brothers' twins even he has 2 real twins. Ajin climb up to his room and make a surprise for him while I was waiting in a not so cool weather downstairs. Ajin told me, "Susu is sulking because you didn't prepare kek batik for him". High demand tau.

Then I met D.I.A.M without D. The acronym stands for Diana, Ili, Azwanina (Nina) and Mai. Diana was not around that time so there's only I.A.M. Nina and Mai are roomates . A few minutes later Ili arrived with her family. She said her family is departing to Beijing soon without her soon. I know how does it feel, poor Ili. All of us get along instantly because they are very friendly and our conversation going on and on talking about random stuff. Maybe because they major in psychology therefore they know how to interact with people they just met. The chit chat going on while they ate their lasagna. Then we have a photo session to keep as a memory. Thank you Ajin for bonding us together.

They all younger 2 years than me, it seems like I'm not tall enough

Then Daddy took us at INTI and bring us to KPT because he had not finish with the meeting. Since KPT and KPM merged they have a new beautiful building in Putrajaya. We both really tired and awake only after we reach KPT. I was overjoy and mesmerized with the infrastructure of the building itself.
I thought of asking which uni I belong  to for my degree or where do you guys keep all the data :p

We waited for daddy to finish the meeting at the cafeteria in KPT building. The surau there is really comfortable and pretty, it was on 7th floor if I'm not mistaken. Sometime I feel like we were in hotel instead of KPT office. At last we fulfill our last but not least objective tagging along with daddy. IKEA!! My brother told me how insanely delicious if you eat meatball with jam. I've been looking at Instagram and Facebook about the signature dish from Ikea. I've been wanting to have them in my mouth for a long time. So, we dropped by Ikea before we left KL for home but we were not juz ate meatballs we also have apple pie and chocolate cake there plus take away everything so that mommy and Raims can taste the goodness too.

I've been looking for you


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