Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Friendship…. You can google it now and have heaps of quote about friendship. * why am I keep on forgetting letter ‘D’ when typing friendship? Obviously we cant live on our own especially when we stay far from home which is out of our comfort zone. We need peer support to cherish and share our problem with.  *so on and so forth everyone know how important friendship are bla2
Assalamualaikum 2013, may this year will be a year full of barakah for us, Amin~ This is a random topic I want to share during my few minutes break from assignment *in the mood to write in full English since assignment is in English so…yeap
Ps: excuse for my here and there grammatical errors
This year would be my 21st year of living, Alhamdulillah but still don’t feel I am twenty one years old adult. Through my breathing years since kindergarten to primary school then high school and in present uni life I never give up seeking for a friend who will accept my flaws as I accept hers, coz I keep on convincing myself there still a true friend out there somewhere. Since I am such a freak, friendship with girls is my weakest subject, never got four flat for that. Judgemental people around me would say “She such a mess, no one can stand her”, “She skips clique a lot obviously she got issues”  *for real nobody care, juz voices in my head saying.
they taught me a lot :)
ps:sorry curi gambr korg

Duhh~ I am human being who never stops learning and improving myself  since we all come in different background the way I think might be too differ than others I suppose but it amuse me to learn new things through each of friendship that I’ve gone through. Most of youth are busy in love relationship between opposite gender. I’m not exceptional , since I’ve gone through different kind of people through friendship than love relationship so at this point I didn’t involve in lovey dovey feeling much coz I am the one who decide not to. I didn’t have any strong reason to avoid relationship with man (couple) but I think it is a best thing to do. I find myself happier with my male friends than girls, so there’s no reason to say I am not having any boyfriend because I am religious or such *even obviously everyone knows it is Haram – no offense
There’s not much to say about this halal & haram thing since it is a sensitive issues and I always keep to myself the fact that maybe tomorrow I will be in love and be a couple before get married coz you know it is a thin line in being good or bad. Hope I have enough strength to not be part of it *Amin~
Thank you so much for all individual who used to be a big part of my life or still be part of my life. Each of you taught me a lot and makes my eyes open on life and some issues. My point of view towards friendship is different from some people which may be the reason of some conflict happened. Time to time I’ll be matured enough to evaluate myself and try to learn to adapt with human being who will change as the time goes on. Maybe I’ll find a quality true friend in my future husband. Who knowsJ
tq for reading

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