Thursday, January 17, 2013

En Feghegho Ghoche dah cacat

Al-kisah post 2 benda satu malam. Bila mood menulis datang mula la x reti nak stop kan. Ingin ku kongsikan tragic not so comedy about my beloved Fererro Rocher a.k.a si SAGA FLX I tu la. Beliau officially telah cacat di bumi Terengganu. Belum lagi cacat tahap memerlukan wheelcha tp sumbing la. Si vroom vroom yang baru berusia tak sampai sebulan rasenye time tu.

Imperfection FR 
Excited first time pergi Pulau Duyung (dah 6 sem duk KT baru jejak tempat tersebut). Personally for me,  first time i've been there I already fell in love with the place. It is like another part of Terengganu which is isolate from all the traffic lights that I hate and perhaps the only place I love here *no offence. That time, me and the girls decide to eat steamboat. Baru belajar makan steamboat and sekarang addicted pulak coz  less cholesterol intake *diet la sangat.

What excites me more, I love this little surau near by the steam boat restaurant which is really neat and clean. I bring my own telekung everywhere coz sometimes surau's telekung does not clean as it suppose to be but I am suprise that all the telekung there is very clean and it seems like it was ironed before. Cozy sangat that little surau. Sepanjang malam I keep on talking about how peaceful the place is and tepi sungai bla2.

When it was the time to return to campus, it was raining and the parking space was quite narrow, actually not the parking space but the route for cars to park is not spacious. In addition, there were trees in a square shaped brick together with the bench between the parking space. When I want to reverse my car, my car sensor couldn't detect the bench coz it is lower than FR's skirting. So, bam!! My exhaust kemek2 already and a scratch at lower beam light. Aigooo~ But I tell you the sound made was like the whole bumper was already gone. Nangis kot time tu, sob3. Tapi menda dah jadi. Learning from my mistakes, afterwards super duper extra careful la kan.
ps: x sempat publish semalam coz blackout

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