Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food birthday Man

Tq Ajin for asking the live band sing HB song for our brother, that's sweet..
Dinner di sini

Hungry people
Birthday Man


Patiently wait for food

Burger sy ade flag


Cam budak f3 tau ngan begpack

Extra cheese for him

Mine..kempunan steak dpt tenderloin

Hi nachos long time no see

Italian dumpling a.k.a gnoochi spinaci

Daddy's waiting in the car hurry up


This obsession started when I love Olsen twins a little bit too much. Iwatched all their movies and have a collection of their books that I never read. Yeap MaryKat &Ashley who are a billionnare now since they have they own fashion line.
cantik x berbaca lg

From time to time my feelings to have a twins in the future become stronger. Since I am the only girl in the family, I think it is good to have someone who are there for you. But on second thought, I dont want a younger or older sister. Coz having a big sister may lead to being bullied or low self esteem. On the other hand, having baby sister, she can be as annoying as you imagine. I am annoying sometimes *most of time actually, can you imagine having another mini version of me who possibly will be annoying times 3. Well put  that aside, I got no sister and feeling grateful about it bcoz I got Mommy who is like big sis. 

Ok back to me really want twins daughter. I have gone through too many kind of conflict in friendship with girls. So I dont want the same thing happen to my girl. If she have a bestfriend to fight, cry, laugh with since she was born. She will never feel left out or neglected coz they always have each other. Even the whole world hates her she got another half of her.

I know it is sound unreal and my idea about twins is too good to be true but I'll try to make it happen. When I was in primary school I got a twin bestfriend (boy girl twins). I admire how they support each other's back whatever the situation is.The attachment is really strong. So since that day twins thingy amuse me. Even once my brother told me that he got a  triplet friend I got super duper excited. Ntah pape
That's all my immature verangan x sudah..
Marie sedih xde kembar ):

Thursday, January 17, 2013

En Feghegho Ghoche dah cacat

Al-kisah post 2 benda satu malam. Bila mood menulis datang mula la x reti nak stop kan. Ingin ku kongsikan tragic not so comedy about my beloved Fererro Rocher a.k.a si SAGA FLX I tu la. Beliau officially telah cacat di bumi Terengganu. Belum lagi cacat tahap memerlukan wheelcha tp sumbing la. Si vroom vroom yang baru berusia tak sampai sebulan rasenye time tu.

Imperfection FR 
Excited first time pergi Pulau Duyung (dah 6 sem duk KT baru jejak tempat tersebut). Personally for me,  first time i've been there I already fell in love with the place. It is like another part of Terengganu which is isolate from all the traffic lights that I hate and perhaps the only place I love here *no offence. That time, me and the girls decide to eat steamboat. Baru belajar makan steamboat and sekarang addicted pulak coz  less cholesterol intake *diet la sangat.

What excites me more, I love this little surau near by the steam boat restaurant which is really neat and clean. I bring my own telekung everywhere coz sometimes surau's telekung does not clean as it suppose to be but I am suprise that all the telekung there is very clean and it seems like it was ironed before. Cozy sangat that little surau. Sepanjang malam I keep on talking about how peaceful the place is and tepi sungai bla2.

When it was the time to return to campus, it was raining and the parking space was quite narrow, actually not the parking space but the route for cars to park is not spacious. In addition, there were trees in a square shaped brick together with the bench between the parking space. When I want to reverse my car, my car sensor couldn't detect the bench coz it is lower than FR's skirting. So, bam!! My exhaust kemek2 already and a scratch at lower beam light. Aigooo~ But I tell you the sound made was like the whole bumper was already gone. Nangis kot time tu, sob3. Tapi menda dah jadi. Learning from my mistakes, afterwards super duper extra careful la kan.
ps: x sempat publish semalam coz blackout

Tq sudi baca

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poly- tic

Pop quiz!! List out words which have 'poly' in it~
  • roly-poly (by T-ara)
  • Barbie poly (time kecik2 berangan nak satu)
  • polyvyl.....(something related to chemistry)
  • ringtone polyphonic
Ok ran out of ideas :)

minum susu jap penat fikir

21 year old me will write about politics. Yup (isu sensitive tahap mohsyar) Since I am turning 21 officially this 6th of April (valid to vote already), I have to start collecting knowledge about what’s going on in politic world nowadays so that I can decide which one should I stamp my thumb on (dulu pangkah je,undi hantu punye pasal dah tukar method kan). All this while I’ve been avoiding to know, listen or read anything related to the reality of who deserve to rule this country, my beloved Malaysia. Not actually deserve, but can run this country better, make Malaysia a better place.

The blank a.k.a stupid me have asked my dad stupid question which most likely sound like this “Negara kita ni demokrasi eh Bah?”, dapat la sejibik kepada diriku yang ignorance n pass je subjek sejarah time skola dulu, “Tu la remaja sekarang sampai hal basic psal Negara sendiri pon tak ambk tahu,” actually I know raja berpelembagaan but then it was mid term break, the part my brain yang store all the knowledge tengah reboot (alasan tak munasabah). Ambik nak free lecture dari lecturer FSKKP from UMP. Babah is so right, undeniably belia these days focus more on entertainment rather than general knowledge. Terus online bace sikit2 tentang what happen in Malaysia, insaf kejap je la then sambung cuci mate online window shopping =)
Terima la pose serba dewasa dari ku
ps:warna baju ku x semestinya mewakili ape yang bakal ku tinggalkan cap jari harap maklum 

What my father told me and I want to share to all readers (yang sudi membaca warkah bahasa rojak ku ini), before you decide to vote to any party, you better have background knowledge about both party. It is important for you to read or get information from various sources not juz on one particular media only. We have internet, news on variety of channels and newspaper. Even I am more to auditory learner; I am forcing myself to read more about world nowadays. Somehow I have to admit to myself I am an adult and must have a whole new wider perspective about what happen around me. There are so much important things to acknowledge rather than which kpop idol coming to Malaysia.

Therefore, it’s like a wake up call for me to be more resourceful. I don’t want to be the type of girl who worries and obsessed towards who my boyfriend flirting with and who he approved on social network coz gua tau sangat tak tenteram perasaan macam tu (if I have a husband definitely will do that muahaha *gelak jahat). There’s so much more important thing to think about. Live for my future starting now, admitting I am a lady know. That’s all for poly-poly~

Ps: sebarang statement tidak dituju kepada sapa2, kalau terasa saya mintak maaf *toing kene kat dahi sendiri sebenarnye

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Friendship…. You can google it now and have heaps of quote about friendship. * why am I keep on forgetting letter ‘D’ when typing friendship? Obviously we cant live on our own especially when we stay far from home which is out of our comfort zone. We need peer support to cherish and share our problem with.  *so on and so forth everyone know how important friendship are bla2
Assalamualaikum 2013, may this year will be a year full of barakah for us, Amin~ This is a random topic I want to share during my few minutes break from assignment *in the mood to write in full English since assignment is in English so…yeap
Ps: excuse for my here and there grammatical errors
This year would be my 21st year of living, Alhamdulillah but still don’t feel I am twenty one years old adult. Through my breathing years since kindergarten to primary school then high school and in present uni life I never give up seeking for a friend who will accept my flaws as I accept hers, coz I keep on convincing myself there still a true friend out there somewhere. Since I am such a freak, friendship with girls is my weakest subject, never got four flat for that. Judgemental people around me would say “She such a mess, no one can stand her”, “She skips clique a lot obviously she got issues”  *for real nobody care, juz voices in my head saying.
they taught me a lot :)
ps:sorry curi gambr korg

Duhh~ I am human being who never stops learning and improving myself  since we all come in different background the way I think might be too differ than others I suppose but it amuse me to learn new things through each of friendship that I’ve gone through. Most of youth are busy in love relationship between opposite gender. I’m not exceptional , since I’ve gone through different kind of people through friendship than love relationship so at this point I didn’t involve in lovey dovey feeling much coz I am the one who decide not to. I didn’t have any strong reason to avoid relationship with man (couple) but I think it is a best thing to do. I find myself happier with my male friends than girls, so there’s no reason to say I am not having any boyfriend because I am religious or such *even obviously everyone knows it is Haram – no offense
There’s not much to say about this halal & haram thing since it is a sensitive issues and I always keep to myself the fact that maybe tomorrow I will be in love and be a couple before get married coz you know it is a thin line in being good or bad. Hope I have enough strength to not be part of it *Amin~
Thank you so much for all individual who used to be a big part of my life or still be part of my life. Each of you taught me a lot and makes my eyes open on life and some issues. My point of view towards friendship is different from some people which may be the reason of some conflict happened. Time to time I’ll be matured enough to evaluate myself and try to learn to adapt with human being who will change as the time goes on. Maybe I’ll find a quality true friend in my future husband. Who knowsJ
tq for reading