Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kak Lia's Wedding

Kini ku mengerti pengorbanan Ibu... Demam2 pon kene sorts everything around house. Nasib baik la  memang x suka manjakan fever ni. Alhamdulillah dapat serve baked macaroni untuk 2 baby bro *baby sangat~ MamaBabah dah nak balik dah dari Mekah..Yeay, soon I'll no longer a housewife but maybe just for a moment, will becoming one if I got married (senyum x ikhlas).

Last weekend, I went to Kak Lia's wedding (Ida's 3rd sister). That was the main event of the week but to reach that event, it was quite a journey. Ajin janji nak teman to attend the wedding. Nasib baik ada adik yang available serta baik hati utk teman gi Somban. It happened the kenduri start 8PM, so takot meyh nak ulang-alik sorg2. So, the journey started by me n Rhymes driving to kg at Temerloh and spent 1 night there. The next day, bertolak ke KL. We were planning to stay at Gombak, since Wan asked to drop something at Setapak so we have to drop by Mokde's house. It happens that I dont remember the route to Mak Ngah's place. No offence, I am having trouble remembering route anywhere unfamiliar. Yela all this while Babah is the one who drive and me sleeping at the back. Lucky me, Mak Ngah wait for me at Festival city which is very near from Mokde's house. I am facing difficulties in order to reach Taman Melati next day from Gombak alone. Masa tu memang sesat dan terperangkap dalam traffic, what is in my mind "Kalau aku patah balik Gombak mesti malu coz Engah dah siap lukis peta cantik2, tp aku sesat jugak", what I did was I drive to UIA and easily find my way to Setapak even time isi minyak tu kene ngorat ngan tukang pam minyak, I reached Setapak safe and sound. 
electric blue dress + last minute rm10 shawl

simple & sweet  deco bilik pengantin

Lepas ni giliran sape ek ?

Aim drop me at LRT station Taman Melati and I change to KTM at KL Sentral. Ajin and I were promised to meet at Nilai stop but then Ajin said he will go to Seremban first and wait for me there. Along the journey in the train I just plugged in my ear and busy playing word search book Mak Ngah bought for me the other day. Dari main game or texting and habis kan bateri phone, baik main cross words kan2.
peneman setia

Naseb baik ade 2 jejaka kacak teman =D
The most annoying event was sitting at ladies coach in KTM train and having Indian guy in groups sitting and standing around me. It is a ladies coach and obviously you guys dont look like ladies to me. What are you guys doing near me?? Errrgghhh...Takot campur annoyed...After one stop to another, my shawl dah macam sardine, the cross word games makes me sleepy, seriously x sabar nak sampai Seremban. Turun je train, it was drizzling and Ajin with his tall and handsome friend was waiting. OOO so this is Susu the triplets. Susu a.k.a Hariz is the first child from the triplets. Dia nak tumpang balik Kuantan so terpaksa la join journey kami. Susah kot nak jumpa kembar tiga since I am fan of kembar thingy, banyak sangat soalan tanya die. He's really sweet and we instantly get along well, naseb baik dia x panggil aku kakak. He didn't address me which is a good thing and I used 'aku' 'kau' dont know why. Fun facts! He gave 8 out of 10 for my kek batik :) *8 je??!!

pelamin cantik

Sesat jugak taxi driver tu nak cari rumah Ida, nak harap kan aku ingat jalan xde la even I've been there once but the road is so confusing. Xpe la Susu yang bayar taxi that time hihi. Akad nikah dah selesai dah time tu, cantik sangat khemah + pelamin +bilik pengantin everything la. At first, kitorg ingat x dapat stay until night but Along (Ida's 1st siste) insist us to stay, so we cancel our taxi. Time nak pose kat pelamin tu ade plak peristiwa yang spoilkan my happiness. There were dawai kokot yang x properly staple into the pelamin and stuck at my dress then my dress ade hole kecik but still obviously seen. Mule2 cover ngan backpack Susu coz his backpack is lighter than Ajin's. Then Ida bg pinjam cardigan. Baru sekali pakai that kind of dress tau. Naseb baik hujan so xde la panas sangat. BTW shawl tu last minute beli area sri gombak, mula2 pki elok je tp bile dah half way perjalanan, hancus rupenye tp fabric die selesa even rm 10 je.
Here's the bride
Sempat berkenalan ngan sedara Ida yang mengheret dslrnye ke hulu ke hilir, student UMP and sebaya Along but he looks like we're in  the same age. Fawwaz adik Ida pon balik dari Indon, die belaja kat pondok. He is 2 years younger than me but seems very reliable maybe because he's the only guy in the family. Around 9 o'clock we leave the kenduri which just started. In the train sambung main crossword but this time ade org teman..Susu, ko ni lambat jugak ek cari missing words, anyway tq coz teman main even half way je and half heartedly (busy texting ). Oh lupe, time nak naik KTM dari KL Central I insert the ticket in a wrong place, x psal2 pekerja kat situ kene bukak the thing utk ambik my ticket, padahal it was not my first time naik KTM. Maybe sebab nak make sure orang nampak macam aku org area KL kot. The reason why I act confident and buat2 tau everything so that no one will take advantage. Yela coz teringat pesanan Ada, 'If g KL n travel gune train make sure wat muke confident so that no one will trace we're not from out of town coz any crime can happen'. Bila jalan sorg2 ni mule la paranoid kan tp its good la kan be cautious.

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