Friday, September 28, 2012

Story behind the picture

Practicum is over !!! :D
Practicum is over ~ :(
There's 2 different expression there.
Thank you to my beloved students yang bagi hadiah ni. What I notice about them, they really excited in giving present to their teacher. Kadang2 sorang bagi lebih dari sekali sebab tengok kawan die punye gift lagi best. Teacher jugak yang untung. Hee~
I am very touched with what my students have done to me. Kalau yang year one they have no idea yang that day is our final day until they notice their seniors one by one come to me and ask for phone numbers, fb etc. and give me presents. After they know, they take a piece of paper and wrote " I love (forget how to spell my name then check out my nametag) Athirah". Ada sorang tu datang dekat dan tanya, "Teacher boleh x kite nak cium pipi teacher?". Terharunye ~ But that day my tears didn't came out at all, not because I am not touched but I just cant. Maybe sebeb dah banyak nangis earlier that week. I gave my students handkerchief with cartoon characters on it, most of them Angry Birds. WHY? It resemble me who can't be separated with handkerchief (hyperhidrosis). My teaching days have already over, the conclusion is I dont want to be a teacher. I think I prefer to be like my dad as a lecturer. I love kids but kids nowadays are different than during my days. Still want to teach but for upper level. Kene sambung sampai master la kot.

Huge things come with huge responsibility.This is the huge responsibility that i meant. I call him FERRERO ROCHER. Not the car on the right side ok that's daddys', mine is SAGA FLX. Saje tangkap gambar sebelah2 coz kete Babah rendah sikit hee~
Syukur Alhamdulillah rezeki Allah bagi dapat sebiji kete yang akan mempermudahkan urusan ku di masa hadapan. A perfect rebound after loosing Honda City yang ku rindui. Juz now me myself hantar FR for his 1st service after 1000 mile. Student banyak bagi soft toy knowing teacher die baru dapaat vroom2. Suddenly Mama kate, 'Bahaya letak anak patung dalam kete, nampak sangat pemandu perempuan. Nanti jadi target penjenayah.' Le me, "Yes Mommy~"
Babah pula inbox and letak kat komen pasal jenayah and precautionary step for female driver yang panjang berjela. Rupa2nye Aim juga mendapat SAGA sejibi-jibi macam FR tp warna hitam he call his SAGA Black Forest a.k.a BF. Pandai je aku bagi nickname. 92's  baby in the family pakai saga blake.

Next week, Mommy & Daddy will fly to Mekah for pilgrimage. Since my semester break just started I will stay at home and take a good care of not so baby brother who already in high school. At first, my parents want to leave him at Putrajaya with Daddy's sister, since a complicated procedure to change to another school temporarily is such a waste of time and they got no time to kill. I am the one who will take care of Raims for a few weeks remaing. It is such a waste of time because school holidays is just around the corner, so to undergo those complicated procedure to change school? Naahh~ I'll try my best not to fight and love my brother with care and patiently (sarcasm on). Just pray for my best. During night, Ada will accompany us by spending the night a.k.a sleepover everynyte..haha...Paket2 kecil bekalan Mama & Babah utk ke Mekah nanti...Without Mummy knowing sepaket selamat ku telan..hua hua (upah le kire). Kalau mama pesan time kat Terengganu boleh beli banyak sikit, last2 beli kat tepi sungai Kuantan je. Cupcake yang comel itu pula ditempah oleh Kak Long Nadia ku. She have a friend here who have a cupcake business, so she ask her friend to send over our house. Long distance surprise gitu. Comel sgt coz on top of it ade fondant kaabah + gambar lelaki pakai kopiah + pompuan pakai tudung awning biru. ^^,

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