Friday, August 10, 2012

5th floor

Remember when I told ya currently I am staying at 5th floor at Block E. There are pros that I keep on telling myself to senangkan hati yang kerap mengeluh ini. * Even writing this makes me breath harder just by imagine the whole thing. 
I should  be grateful living in a spacious bedroom with plenty of private places plus dont have to queue every single morning to have a shower. But *a huge BUT
After go through such a tiring day at school, yelling and shouting especially during Ramadhan, me and my roomies keep on saying "Why we have to go through this every day? why?"
Look girls we can see the roof through it :x
To make things seems too so much  worse, for these past few nights there were storm, the rough one. So that our bedroom ceiling come off and we can see the roof. Thanked god the roof was not leaking during raining, it would be a disaster if its happen.
Yesterday wee try to fix them by poking it using a broom. Unfortunately, the ceiling piece fell down to the floor and break into two, YEAY *sarcasm on  
Now all of us can see the roof when we lying down, juz imagine we can see stars through it errgghh~
During noon our room will be extremely hot and got a warm wind through the ceiling.

Let's look everything in different perspective shall we?
Telling myself that by climbing up those stairs for the rest of these coming 2 semesters is actually another way of exercising since I am too busy being a teacher (busy kah?) I am loosing some weight now *showing my retainer with wide smile. Baru muat baju raya nanti hihi. I always find a reason so that I can run through those stairs. Since now is fasting month, I have to go to Bazaar near the cafe and perform my Tarawikh at masjid/surau. It's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, exercising and got pahala. * I should do this more often
It feels like a gateway from duniawi thingy for a moment you know ~ I hope I have inner strength to be Istiqomah in doing this. GO ME!!
School story time~
Recently Kak Lia (our advisor) ask me a favor to look after 5 Al-Batutta for her coz she have a meeting for year 6 teachers. I teach that class so I know them quite well, she ask me to finish the adjectives name label which I asked them to prepare in previous lesson. After finish doing that, the students have a Math homework to be completed. Many of them said they want to make Math at home since its a homework, ok that's fine for me I just asked them to stay calm and be in the class all the time. Unfortunately, kids are being kids even they already eleven and in intelligent group of students *sarcasm on
adjectives name label

There were few of them running in and out even I scolded them for few times the didn't listen. Then, I stand up and walk out the class without saying anything. Few of them chased after me and keep on apologizing by I say nothing. It's really pissed me off coz they took my order for granted and very disrespectful. I already in the middle of frustration with them since they didnt take care of a 'Star Board' that I have made for them. I already prepared them 2 times coz it tore apart once.
To console me back, a few of them come and apologize and a person who was walk out from the class send me a letter of apology. I received few of them from the students even other class heard about the incident. Some of them also tell me they recreate star board on their own to make me happy. I vow to myself I will not become sulky when it come to conflict between students but I cant help it. It's really turn my nerves on. I said to them afterward I will become a boring teacher rather than having fun during my class. I'm not sure I can do so.

Apology letters

star board take 2

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Salam Ramadhan Akhi wa Ukhti ~
Macam tinggal lagi 2 weeks la kan puasa.From day to day I keep on procrastinating published this post coz idea tersekat..

dap errr
Since it's Ramadhan let's no talk Lagha2 thingy. Just wanna share the excited feeling I had last weekend. (Tim kayya??) For the first time le me been to Seremban (troll face). Yup le 20 years old me never been to Somban before, I feel very lucky to have a friend from Somban, no other than Mizz Farida. It have been an amazing experience since she is a Sharifah who might have slightly different from me in terms of family background (even  if kawan I yang bukan Sharifarah terang tang2 memang ade banyak perbezaan kan * ape masalah gua nih?!)
No larh, her family suka berkhasidah and listen to them which is something new for me, I heard them before but not as much as during my stays (which is good la kan). She have 5 siblings but during my stay there were only here two sister s around. They both treat me well * shukew cangat coz kitew xdew kakak :p Just like her sisters said "Having a sister is fun...but juz for a few days". Noted~

During my stay, I'm just being a Koala eating + sleeping..Molek bonar duk rumah orang wat perangai camtu muahaha. Ummi and Led ( Ida's parents) treated me very well. Ummi teach me to make karipap pusing. Hehe first time making curry puff I did quite well la kot (padahal xde rupe karipap pon) but at least it can be eaten.
that's how my karipap looks like :p

Led sgt cool masak Char Kuey Teow

Puding roti Ummi 

OTW ke Jusco

Selamat datang ke Serem...huk huk

Time balik, there was an unfortunate event.Our bus arrival was delayed. Not really delayed but much worse than that. Not coming. We took this Bas Tambang to take us to Pudu if I was not mistaken, in that rainy day. Three of us (me, Ida and Mia) depart from Somban to take another bus to Terengganu. Guess what, another unfortunate event, our seat was taken by foreigners who can speak Malay and they dont want to change place with us. I bear with it until we reach RnR Bentong. I tell the bus driver that I can sit at the back of the bus because I was bouncing like a dodge ball. That cool looking solve our problem.