Monday, April 2, 2012

Studying for this semester break

Recently I just got a birthday gift in advance from my daddy (thank you Babah). He gave me Samsung Galaxy Y Duo which actually his but then he bought Galaxy S II for himself. At the beginning I thought my x2-02 cannot operate perfectly but now suddenly it works well. Since I got three numbers my dad thought my life would be easier if I just have to carry phones less than 3 ( my brother thinks I should stop use too much numbers). 
former phone
today phone

Anyway back to the story, I use dual sim phone before (CSL Blueberry) its works well even it's not durable. I understand her better than my galaxy Y duo. I still can't figure it out how to send a text using the 2nd sim and the 1st sim. It didn't ask "sending by sim 2?" or  "sending by sim 1?". My dad said "tak kenal maka tak cinta" but then I didnt know it yet. 
It takes time to build this love even it just a gadget ( normally I fell for a gadget easily but not this time). I need someone to teach me about this thing. I have so much thing to ask. AAAAaaaaaaa

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