Monday, April 23, 2012

Journey with 1 aim

Since next semester is already practicum I have start looking for a thing that I don't have as a future teacher. (waahhh x caye rase) I think I got all stuff I need but only this one thing. HANDBAG. I've already look for it at 3 malls in Kuantan but there's none suit for my taste. Am I that fussy??? IDTS. I'm not looking for super fancy handbag. All the design is too grown ups. I'm not fond of leather type of beg. For me it looks too professional and high class. But if I chose to use beg that made by canvas it would be inappropriate. What I've been looking for is a denim handbag. That all! 
Ok I've found one but it cost RM600++ and after discount RM300++ (WHAT!!) If not officially a teacher yet, why bother to buy an expensive one, plus my mum's handbag cost so much cheaper than that (kot)
If and only if I can use a backpack like handbag just like I have now, life could be so much easier.
Somehow, I disappointed with myself for being this fussy. I am very fussy in choosing handbags and shoes. Why I look them as a big deal..errgghh

I also like a handbag which have buckle at the side of it like a place where we can put our phone in it or have a metal element on it. Maybe I should be a handbag designer instead of teacher.(which not gonna happen)
I'm gonna continue this search to Perak if possible. I must have one handbag at least.Wish me luck.

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