Thursday, April 12, 2012

20 me :)

Rumah sweet rumah...After a few days bermastautin di Setapak..Wat pe?? Saje jalan2..hee
Kononnye celebrate my 20th Birthday..Yup i'm no longer a teen and i'm still in my denial phase.. I'M STILL A TEEN...My birthday this year had been phenomenal...ain't like celebrations before...cake and heaps of present.. for all family and friends thank you very much for your wishes,doa and love you gave.. FYI feel free to wish anytime you like within this whole month (senyum sampai telinga).

Lets flash back~ 6 April 2010
After subuh macam biase, start my day by read 2 pages of Holy Quran. My family members seems to aware quite late about the date that day. Normally I am the one who ask around about the date. Since I am an adult that day so, I just keep it to myself. Then my parents and siblings start to wish a give hugs & kisses.. Nah nah...not demanding for any present coz I already get it in advance (handphone) Mama bg 50 bucks (wink2)
Then my day just go on like that... My closest friends do text and call. Ida  sing me a song and send it through multimedia text but I could not open it until now, still figuring out how to make it able to play. Teha already give me a little pink stitch plush toy be4 I leave for a holiday.

tq Tiha <3
 I got text from Ms Ilman which sound serious. She said she got something to tell me sounds like her personal problem I assumed. I waited for her that night to come which turn out to be a surprise for my birthday.To Ada, E-man, Nanan, P-jo, Faqar, Fadzil, Abe, Wani Thank you guys..Korang sweet sgt..
that's the real cake...

Celebrate ngan family lambat sikit coz nak tunggu Along ade sekali. Kebetulan Babah ade Dinner untuk Farewell kawan die kat The prince, kami pon ke Key-el. Sadly, Daddy was not there but his card does (if u know what I mean lol) Since Pavi is juz across the road we had our dinner there, At first I want to knoe what TGI jUMAAT offer but after sitting there for 15 minutes and I felt like I was at ZOUK then I told my mum I wanna have a lobster at Market Ikan Manhattan :) THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME EATING LOBSTER!!! (excuse for over excited expression).. I've been long for lobster in my entire life and at my 20th birthday I ate it. It was legendary..
that's my birthday cake from my family :)

My brother and I decided to stay at my Mokde's house for few days. The day our parents left us is the day our parents come back to Setapak because Trajet  can't make it, it breakdown at Genting Sempah. Alhamdulillah Mama, Babah n Raims ok. The car had been tow from there to workshop in city. Therefore our parents go back to Kuantan with our grandparents who happen to stay at Putrajaya with my another aunt. Wednesday is a public holiday, so they will come to pick us and the car back. That was an unfortunate event for us but thank to Allah nothing bad happened.

In our stay (Ajin & me), tolong Mokde masak2. FYI, when my parents went to Mekah for their 1st pilgrimage we stayed with our Mokde so we quite close. First Mokde drop us at Wangsa Walk and we decided to watch Street Dance there. Afterwards we went to KLCC to meet up with our AFS friends Qawiem and Byou who didn't know each other. Qawiem is studying at UTP, he happened to have a performance to collect fund under UTP at Petronas Tower and Byou is my brothers' friend who is KLians who can show us around. Saya juga dapat makan SUBWAY, time stay kat Mackay dulu crave tp x halal kat sane..At last steak & cheese sandwich is in my tummy..yeay... Thank you Qawiem for a not very cheap ice-cream u gave for my birthday (Ajin dapat jugak) and you have guts to lie just to escape and see me..Thank you :D
Thank you Byou and Didi for showing us around :D
TQ U ^0^
me, Byou, Qawiem & Ajin

The morning before our parents arrived, Mokde took us to Festival City KL which just opened and I got another ice-cream but this time a yogurt ice-cream. I had an unfortunate event there where's my slipper decided to snap and I have to buy a new one..Unfortunate coz I have to buy it using my own money :(
There's one nyte during our stay Mokde trat us dinner where I have 8 huge tiger prawn in my Char Kuey Teow...It was (rainbows come out from my mouth)..I ate all of them..Yup all...When I said all means..with head+shell everything..Seafood is my favourite food hee~
sourberry yum2

So far my April is awesome (Banana smile)

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